OSAPAP 001 - A New Open Source Anti Propaganda Animation Project

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OSAPAP 001 - A New Open Source Anti Propaganda Animation Project (2017-05-31)

Calling all anti-establishment animators, illustrators, humourist screenwriters, historical revisionists, tinfoil hatters, and other related talents... I'm starting this open-source project to counter propaganda, fight injustice, and bring awareness and education to young and old minds via videos featuring animated characters. I'll try to challenge every dogma and question everything we've been told to believe. I'm extremely excited to see how this project may manifest itself.

I apologize if this project series of posts initially lacks humour for brevity and so many details to convey. If it helps, I wore pants for only part of the time writing this. I'm including anti-establishment images by Banksy only for inspiration as final results will vary greatly. (All Banksy images are sourced from this article.) Banksy and I share a kindred spirit but my work will be very different.

Feedback Welcome

Not only is feedback welcome, it's critically helpful. For example, I seek recommendations for web sites hosting images under either copyleft attribution-sharealike 4.0 or attribution-NonCommercial-sharealike 4.0 licences, yet to be determined. Then on Steemit I can include my own illustrations, conceptual sketches, development images, and other scribbles of a fevered mind.

All aspects of production will be covered in detail as every future post focuses on specifics asking for interactive feedback.

Why Steemit? Why an open-source project?

Earning Steemit credit is always good and though I'll never say no to money I won't bend my values for it. One of an animator's best tools is feedback and constructive criticism - potentially found in this Steemit social media. I love the alternative community and I hope to eventually earn its support and perhaps production assistance of other skilled people to help develop, research, write, inject humour or style, modelling, rendering, web presence, promotion, etc. If you or someone you know wants to participate, fight and shout truth to power, we can find a way to do it - even if you happen to work for "the man". Everyone is welcome with anti-establishment interests, activist tendencies, writing concepts (very shorts & story arcs), character voices, technical wits, mad skills, (Canadian) grant writing, funding, production experience, or any other related skills. Many hands may help make it better, and open-source is a great process I believe in and support. Today, this is just the first baby step.

Warning: If you want to join, understand that animation production to many people is a slow, tedious, long process. Even writing these posts is taking me forever to get it just right, if you can call this that. Presently there is no urgent rush for resources, but don't forget or give up on me, and when results are in and credit is due understand that so much more occurs behind the camera than you can imagine. Fortunately I'll be documenting my progress to educate folks about the process, and while writing these posts may lengthen my production schedule, eventually it might gain support and resources.

Viral fever dreams aside, realistically I'll simply do my best to create a kick ass show and hope people contribute enough riches to embarrass me if they see fit. I may end up just doing it all myself until I don't. Perhaps others will join or develop their own stuff. Maybe some shows will branch off to be in completely different styles and genres, or we could birth a variety show. Some folks may even overtake my vision of this project with better skills and talent. I say, run with it and fly free. Corrupting infiltrators may try to subvert support or veer from the outlined fundamental goals I'm attempting to express here, but I promise to remain true and I absolutely demand to always called on my shit should I ever falter (everyone has blind spots).

I am starting this open-project but I don't want to own it, and all that entails, when I'd rather be animating, fighting power, entertaining, and hopefully earning a living. Project management and responsibility is not my forté. Naturally I must start small, build it up, and earn community loyalty, support, and whatever production assistance is granted as you all see fit.

About Me

I am an atheist, anarcho-Marxist, anti-propagandist against establishment systems that distract and confuse, divide and conquer, dominate and control, exploit, enslave, and exterminate. The false-choice distraction political paradigm of Left and Right are just two wings of the rigged war-hawk corporatocracy that debt-enslaves us all and it breaks my heart to see so much human suffering, figurative and literal toxicity, and a massive extinction event amidst so much potential wasted on so few and their twisted egos.

I put da mental fun in fundamental, and my animations will reflect this - so in no particular order and probably forgetting some...

I Fundamentally Support:

  • awareness, fairness, grass roots, bottom up resistance, revolution, reboot, waging peace
  • solutions (ie. sustainability, green tech, Earthships, LFTR, GEET tech, etc)
  • progressivism, equality, Marxist criticisms of capitalism
  • agorism, voluntaryism, anarchism, anti-state-ism, etc
  • worker cooperatives, aka worker directed enterprises
    = everyone's part-boss/owner participating in real democracy
  • building and supporting communities - local and/or virtual
  • decentralize everything: banks, governments, media, currencies, social networks, etc.
  • open-source everything (ie. science is just another corruptible dogmatic process that demands transparency for authentic truth)
  • de-privatize everything (everyone needs to know the differences between private and personal property)
    • de-privatize prisons, schools, hospitals, universities, essential utilities, media, etc.
  • better government is far more important than it's size (ie. big vs small gov)
    (also, no government is an idealistic fantasy, still worth striving for)
  • I demand:
    • radical transparent open-source government reforms
      It's all the same tired rigged system as 200 years ago when news traveled weeks on horseback and it demands updating.
    • remove lobbyist bribery, get money out of politics, make Senate insider trading illegal
    • transparent open-source vote and tax reform/merger
    • vote on issues not corruptible feeble people (ie. bribed "leaders")
    • vote on taxes to decide where money should go (don't let bribed "leaders" decide)
    • vote on laws (don't let bribed "leaders" decide)
    • less taxes and more tariffs to localize and bring home industries
    • add a taxes to every stock market trade, even if it's 0.001%, because it will bring in millions (currently not taxed)
    • add a taxes to all investment incomes that are currently not taxed
    • etc
  • redefine fulfillment with meaningful purpose, not consumerist addictions
  • trust but verify, triangulate perspectives for better awareness
  • hope for the best, prepare for the worst

I'm Fundamentally Against:

  • manufactured and organized beliefs, faiths, fantasies, dogmas, etc
    • organized religion
    • corporate "mainstream" media propaganda/brainwashing
      (even good media is full of it)
    • manufactured consent and unnatural compulsive consumerism
    • nationalism and patriotism (perpetually bombarding us)
    • science and education is just as corruptible as anything else touched by corporations
      (ie. corporatized secretive science, studies, medicine, drugs, GMO's, big agriculture, food processing, technology, etc. and the ludicrous carbon tax)
  • all establishment power and control systems, including:
  • all the mayhem and nonsense:
    • end empire
    • end all wars: including the war on drugs, war on whistle-blowers, etc
    • end the prison industrial complex and military industrial complex
    • end fossil fuels, end big pharma, end education corruption
    • end propaganda, end censorship, end monopolies

I've covered my anti-dogma stance here. Blinded belief in religion, science, patriotism, capitalism, conspiracies, skeptics - nothing is sacred, taboo, or above scrutiny. I'll try to keep my rants to a minimum now that I've purged my peeves and motives and try to squeeze them into my animation content.

My Details

I don't matter remotely as much as the important ideas I share with countless other people and intend to spread further like a religious nut-burger. If public wishes call for it, eventually I may share details of my flawed hypocritical paradoxical existence like everyone else's, but who I am personally is of little importance. Celebrity culture is out of control but I understand that authentic humanity is also valued. With any success "they" will lie, demonize, and try to burn me down, like any other threat. (Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to stop us - they've already recorded this.) I will do my best and hope to prove myself.

My Skills

I can tell you now that I've had a few decades of high-end animating and live action art direction experience on commercials, music videos, movies, television, etc. in Manhattan, Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver, etc. Most of that was before I "woke up" to propaganda lies and control systems. My past is not as important as the fact that I have mad skills and I'm willing to use and abuse them and what really counts is what comes next. I really enjoyed making short commercials for millions of eyes. I prefer quality over quantity so I intend to start a series of shorts that may in time be stitched together into a larger unified piece.

My Process

I will contribute openly. I will gratefully accept and openly process collaborative efforts the best I can. I may or may not use all ideas or work on my videos, but other people might. I am the director/gatekeeper only of my own videos regardless who assists. I may like and/or help on someone else's video and endorse it. I may end up assisting and animating for other video directors. I will do my series, whatever that ends up being, and others are encouraged to fork as they wish. I hope forks won't stray from my anti-establishment intentions but I know of no way to stop them other than to out produce them or grow a movement of support. Sadly, admittedly, I'm not fast or prolific. Only time will tell how often and how good my efforts will be.

Forthcoming Posts

This open project has endless potential. I'm excited to share and expand upon some good ideas and concepts I've already got with practical and emotional reasons to explore them with you. Not all the blanks are filled yet, and if better ideas appear I'm totally willing to shelve mine for the best possible outcome. I'm already working on the next several posts where I'll share some of my favourite inspirations, explain motivations, bring up several dilemmas, ask countless questions, discuss variables, detail options, and expound upon processes as we focus in on where this open project will go.

I could go on and on and on, but I think this is a good start. Not every post will be so serious, tedious, or technical and some may be far more so. This is how this project and production goes. If you have constructive criticism, ideas, or advice, I'm all ears. This Steemit blog/vlog project is as much to organize my thoughts as it is to reach out for community interaction, feedback, and eventually support. Every comment and vote counts. What do you want to know about first?

Bonus hashtag: FightElitesNotEachOther
You may also donate bitcoin to 1PTQtSVyBxuYRBk85bnEWd4mym5AukuU7y .

Vote for me and I promise like a politician to make all your dreams come true.

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I've written 9 total episodes

Looks like a very interesting project. Here's a script I wrote a couple years back that you might find interesting. I imagine it would be a good fit for animation.
(The gym rat user name was my old one)

Thanks for sharing. That's some good stuff but it's not really what I'm looking for. I will be going into depth about limitations, requirements, purpose, and other stuff. Maybe I should do that before anything else. I have a LOT of topics to cover and focus on in individual posts. I'll move outline up the list.

I can at least tell you a bit more.

Firstly, it's way too long, way to complex, and way too much "extra" for me. Your characters and drama are entertaining but the excessive development jibber jabber won't work for me. By that I mean, I am just one person, not a small studio or industrial animation house.

I'm going to have to model all the sets, props and characters, rig them, texture them, light them, animate them, render them, and composite them into a final video that I then have to publish, promote, etc. etc. etc. Each of those has sub-categories and all are a full time jobs in a studio.

Here's my plan in a previously unpublished nutshell: Everything must be designed with limitations, style, and growth in mind at all times. I prefer quality over quantity so I'll likely keep my animations under a minute if I can, and the dialogue must be super duper tight, trim and to the point, as must the imagery, animation, etc. This will help define the limited "style", whatever that ends up being. Every animation has some. In addition to this framework, I am going to "build up" the experience over episodes. The first episode will feature one character and one background/setting. In fact, I might just feature only the head. The next episode might have the head and shoulders. The next might have another character, a new costume, then a new set/location/background, and so on. Each episode will add a little more to the over-all arc. Maybe nothing new for several episodes while I build something new and complex, like a whole new character or something with a different rig. Similar looking or similarly rigged characters can just be copied and reworked, but all-new characters require all-new everything.

It has to be anti-establishment, anti-propaganda, humourous, educational, beautiful, inspirational, and/or all of the above. I have specific concepts to convey in episodes that will merge into a pseudo-documentary outline that I will share. That will likely be the loose framework unless something better comes along.

While I'm not against doing political satire on occasion, I'd rather attack the systems of belief that support the politics and establishment systems. The puppets and puppet masters are easy to mock. I want to make people question their own beliefs that have steered us unchecked toward oblivion.

I could go on and on and on. And I will. Thanks for you interest. I hope I haven't disappointed you. You might see some of this reworked into a future post.

Thanks for the detailed reply. That's an ambitious project you've got in the works! I look forward to future updates. If you have any writing you think I might be suited for, feel free to toss it my way and I might take a shot at it. I like your focus of getting people to question their own beliefs. Best of luck to you and perhaps we can collaborate in the future. Cheers!

what a combination a little like Norman Rockwell meets Banksy!! Very creative art- to convey your manifesto in a frame is quite skilled, best to your project.

Thank you.

Ideally my animation will be in the spirit of Banksy, and perhaps Rockwell, but the aesthetic will be different.

Support and votes are important. I'm in it for the long haul. Animation is a slow and purposeful process and knowing that eventually there will be an audience helps.

Be sure to check out the next post in the series: OSAPAP 002 - Over 20 Diverse Politically Profound Amazing Animations

no government is an idealistic fantasy, still worth striving for

Totally disagree, on this point. A "peaceful" coercive state is an oxymoron and utopian fantasy which violates property rights.

I wish I could support this, but as a Voluntaryist who views individual self-ownership as the bedrock principle for all legitimate social interactions, I cannot support a Marxist endeavor.


Cool. Looks like an interesting project.

You might wanna get on SteemitChat and share some of the posts in a few of the relevant groups there, too, to help get the word out...

Thanks. I'd never even heard of SteemitChat before this and then a Google search.