Introduction of self in steemit

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Hi my best friend today I will introduce myself. My name is #husrawati. I am 18 years old, I am in NEGRI SMA 1 SYAMTALIRA NORTH ACEH NORTH I joined in #steemit since 24 MAY 2018 I saw my friend seeing my friend very neglected with henpone I asked "what you are doing until you forget the time" turns out he is playing #steemit , then I asked "what is steemit" he said #steemit was an application that earned money, then I told him to teach me, that's what made me to join in the #steemit. This is my introduction this time hopefully my friends can give guidance to me @husrawati

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Welcome to Steemit, I hope you have fun and enjoy posting here.

Yes thanks friends, I will always enjoy the post that is in sin friends

welcome to steemit @lightsplasher. I am very happy to be in steemit with interesting photographs, such as photographs that are posted in your post, I like and salute you.

@husrawati, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.