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Konnichiwa mina. Ogenki desuka? Sorry, a bit of a Japanese fanatic. My name is Favour. Just joined steemit a couple of days ago. The things I do are pretty much just eating bread, watching animes, reading manga, playing video games, reading novels and writing. And lets not forget what everybody loves doing, "sleeping". My blog is mainly gonna consist of a bunch of
gospel spoken word -or poetry as people understand- and the occasional posts of awesome pictures of anime characters and other things and I guarantee you that reading my blog will always be an entertainment. Jaa ne (See ya). P.S: You can address me as Emzard (For animes and other stuff) or Manefiquos (For poetry) or whichever you prefer.


Selamat bergabung di steemit kawan, semoga di steemit ini kita bisa saling mendukung, salam dari saya @iqbal-pase, berasal dari lhokseumawe, Aceh. Saya juga pemula disini, mohon dukunganya di postingan pertama saya nanti #introduceyourself. Semoga sukses kawan semua


Congratulations to join in steemit friend, hopefully in this steemit we can support each other, greetings from me @iqbal-pase, coming from lhokseumawe, Aceh. I am also a beginner here, please support it in my first post #introduceyourself. Good luck to all friends

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Welcome to Steemit. Feel free to interact, ask questions where you are confused and have fun. @greatness96

Thanks. Will do.

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