Hi Steemers

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Hi Steemers!
I did a half ass introduction a couple of weeks ago!
When I read all the excellent introductions, I was embarrassed at what I had presented!
This is a redo of that introduction. The problem I've got is that I'm 73 and have probably lived the most varied full life you could imagine so giving an insight to it in several paragraphs is really difficult.
I was lucky to have a father who was a truly gifted design engineer at Allison Gas Turbines Div of GM. To this day he is credited with the second most patents in GM only behind Kettering.
This gave me a unique advantage, for instance when I was 12 years old Dad got a chevy engine from the junkyard and taught me how to totally overhaul it! Impressive knowledge for a 12 year old.
After teen age years of drag racing on the streets and other dishonorable enterprises I got married and I also went to work for Allison Gas Turbine Div GM
I worked in the Engineering Dept for about 6 years then was sent to the Service Dept where I was tasked with helping our customers operate or fix our 501K Gas Turbines in Industrial Applications. This job was wonderful because I could fix anything and it took me all over the world. I started to make a list of the places I've been then quickly realized it would be so large as to swamp this introduction. Rest assured, I've been almost everywhere!
I was moved to Director of sales for South America for the last ten years of my career.
I retired in 2000 and have pursued my hobbies. I've built and flown 2 experimental airplanes, the last one being a Vans RV8 which I've given to my son. I have and ride several motorcycles and have taken trips to the Alps to ride motorcycles with my friends.
I build world class competitive benchrest rifles for myself and my close friends and I have successfully competed in a number of NBRSA and IBS Benchrest matches.
I would be delighted to talk to any of my new Steemer friends about any of my experiences!Me self pic driving2.jpg


Successful baby boomer! Nice! Welcome aboard the steemtrain! What brought you on?

Thanks for the response! Actually I think I'm a little older than the avg "baby boomer" I was born in 1943 as opposed to most boomers birth in 1945 to 1948!

After reading that I can see how you look so younger

picture I posted is 4 years old