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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I, Mathias Schneider from Offenburg in the Ortenau, Germany, *1975, still assume that my way of approaching the cause of art can lead to something good for me and others. That would probably be the case if the people here would really take an interest in these things that I once designed. It would be nice if you wanted to be a part of it. So far, I have always been so happy about those fellow human beings who have taken some time for my page here as well as for the material depicted on it and who are willing to look at these things. I would like to thank you now for coming here to stay a little while.
I have gladly shown myself to be modest in bringing my things to file. I present some different material here. I do this in order to show you the spectrum of my work. I would like to have my say in this quiet corner of the Internet network. I have sometimes been patient and silent towards my fellow human beings, but I have not remained speechless and voiceless when it comes to my own artistic concerns.
To my things I know in the 'construction kit', my card index, to say something. I do that gladly and willingly in such a way that I speak of what has already conditioned me.
Why don't you get involved in this adventure of reading the website of an artist? Please click your way through the respective links on my website provided for this purpose. Please use the riders attached to the surface of my website to find them. Meanwhile, I will also introduce you to a framework plot of my things there. So, I will show you some of what my art form is about.
The file 'construction kit' is supposed to stand in and for itself for something whole and is also supposed to be accepted by the audience. I have created something here that needs to be understood. I have prepared this work for you analogous to my world of thoughts and ideas. With this I try to make it clear to you what makes me special.
Here I have tried to bring to light what I have been dealing with in recent years. These written elaborations are supplemented by the content of a 'type case', which contains pictures, books and music from my own production.
Basically, I believe in a positive value of my works, but still assign them to the genre 'Art-Trash' myself. With this I try to show that everything that I have once designed should belong to each other and be of equal value. That's how I want to be understood.
That has kept all sense for me. I want to be able to put my art thing on a secure footing. For this I put what is given here into an acceptable state bit by bit, so that it will be well received.
Perhaps it will already seem important to you to stay here for a while and to have a look at some of the other things.
I wish you all the best now and remain
kind regards
the author
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