RE: Steemians I Am Apparently One Of The Most Censored Controversial People Online Banned By Facebook, Twitter and Now Even Medium

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Steemians I Am Apparently One Of The Most Censored Controversial People Online Banned By Facebook, Twitter and Now Even Medium

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I understand where you are coming from. But you have to understand that I have been dealing with this for years. I am a threat simply because I am an exceptional researcher and I have tons of sources. Granted every time they take my accounts away I sometimes lose sources. Regardless some I still have on other private mediums. However, reaching out or finding around 40K people is impossible.

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I completely understand your disappointment and frustration. Over ten years ago I owned property that produced income. I raised my sons on acreage that often was visited by wild Elk. I had paid my mortgage off in three years.

After being betrayed by my ex to defraud me of my retirement, by perjuring herself to a woman judge, I ended up not owning the socks on my feet.

"...reaching out or finding around 40K people is impossible."

If it was impossible, you'd have no reason to gripe. I submit that you're in a better position now than you were before you had those followers, because they already know they want access to the information you post.

I know what a blackpill is, and ate them like candy for a few years. You are either testing your mettle and will come out more psychologically able to effect your ends, or you will fail.

It's not gonna just stop. I am confident that you are now motivated to create and use means of building audience that cannot be censored. Not only does that make you stronger, it makes all free people stronger by effecting uncensorable media.

Censorship is an existential threat to free people. I shouldn't need to point out how it can actually make people so vulnerable to failure to grasp their situation that they might be killed as a result. It's not something to celebrate that this happened to you, but after you win against those opponents, you will celebrate - and be celebrated.

You measure a man by his enemies. You can take great pride in having extremely dangerous enemies. I do. There's a reason that it took every level of government, the person I trusted most in the world, and international financial conglomerates spending millions of dollars to take me down, and there's a reason I own my own home again, today.

We don't know what we are capable of until we're pushed beyond our limits. The pushers think they've destroyed us by doing so, but the truth is they've given us a gift: the ability to transcend our limitations and defend what is ours and worth having.

You can't see with hindsight yet, so don't expect to, and don't think I expect you to. You're in a shit spot, and I know it sucks. All I can tell you is not to give up, but to do what is necessary to prevail against the vile tyrants and destroyers of American culture.

The rest is up to you.