Introducing Yahtzee! The coolest German Shepherd on Instagram is NOW ON STEEMIT!

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Hi everyone, I'm Yahtzee the German Shepherd!


Some of you might know me from my Instagram Account - I don't mean to brag, but I kinda used to be a big deal over there, with almost 15,000 super-engaged followers before I stopped posting a year ago.

For those that don't know me, I'm a 4 and a half year old German Shepherd from Perth, Western Australia. My human, @RossDCurrie, adopted me 3 years ago and we've been going on all kinds of fun adventures, making new friends, and getting up to mischief ever since (although not too much mischief, because I'm a good boy!).

I really like to play fetch... I mean, REALLY like to play fetch. If I can pick it up, chances are I will bring it to you so you can throw it - this includes balls, sticks, leaves, and sometimes small children. Splashing in the water is also fun, and something I'm doing a lot of lately since it's summer here in Australia!

Oh, and did I mention I can fly?

2015-08-26 21.23.00.png

Just kidding! But, I do love frisbee!

I started my Instagram career back in 2014 but after almost 2 years of posting photos I decided to take a break. Then, someone told me the other day that "everyone and their dog is getting on Steemit", and I decided it was about time I did, too! DSC_0349.jpg

I can't wait to share all of my photos and videos with you awesome Steemians! I hope you all follow me and give me lots of upvotes so I can buy more toys to play with! Thanks!!

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Good boy!


thanks new friend!

Hi @yahtzeedog !!! Fetch is my favorite too!!! I just joined Steem.. nice to meet you 🐾 I hope you have a great day.


hey Romeo, welcome to Steemit! Hope you have lots of fun here and get many upvotes!

Hi Yahtzee and Ross! Yahtzee was one of my favorite games as a kid. Great frisbee jump there beautiful boy. Here's a photo of Kona, my golden retriever!20151009_181451.jpg


Kona looks like a good doggo too!

Hello and welcome to the community. I followed you and would appreciate a follow back. I'm looking forward to see more posts! Have a great day and have fun. Welcome!

Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow @niteshbaniya
get back to back in touch for upvote

Hi yahtzee. Pls tell me if u saw crunch in ur backyard.


Yahtzee is a great name!
Welcome to the Steem World!
I have recently made an orientation video that will help you in your journey here - and will hopefully answer all the questions that took me months to figure out.!/v/maneki-neko/ie5jh9te
I wish you all the best here on Steem!

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Welcome Yahtzee! I’d love you to meet my Malamutes Neptune and Venus! I think you’d be great friends! 3EABF925-1AC7-4732-9E07-145DE59F048F.jpeg


They look nice, but we probably wouldn't make good friends. I don't play well with others (yet!)