Introduce my self | little history of my life


I am very glad to meet you, guys, steemit community, I am very grateful to my friend @soegata who has introduced to me this steemit. Well, my name is wilson, but give me my name in this teemit with @wilsonjoe, the reason I can not give my real name because someone else had first named it in steemit and birth 10 October Aceh, my family residing in Aceh.

My hobby. Playing foot ball, read and travel

Playing foot ball

Playing the ball I really love the activity because it can make me physically fit, in playing the ball I also can learn about many things. My goal, in this case, is to be able to play in international level, I am now playing ball in a club in Aceh Utara its club name is FC PERSIPA PAYA, my hope in this club is to bring this club to LIGA PRIMER INDONESIA.


reading in my opinion is an activity to broaden the horizons and by reading we can also know many things that may not teach in the place of education. In fact, I've dreamed of being a great writer and being a great teacher, I'm my noble pali ideals, because we can embrace those who have lost their souls to learn, and I want to embrace them to love reading. Because I am convinced that it is marekalah that we teach now that our successor.

I always make the smartphone as a book reading on various websites


I really like travel, why is that? Because with the travel we can make my mind refleshing by looking at the beautiful scenery. In this case more like traveling to the mountain, because with our traveling mountains we can see how nature teaches us how to make friends with fellow creatures of life and mutual respect.

and traveling to edge beach. because when we are on the beach we can also feel that the science we have just like foam in the ocean, that's the reason I always read

in social life I may lack it in terms of material, because I prefer to practice it.

I also have some friends who always support me to achieve my dreams as well as people who encourage me to succeed, and when I read them all do not bother me to enjoy the pleasure of reading, and when I am grass or I am when I'm traveling I always get a very beautiful place to visit and safe to visit.

My job sell in a shop owned by parents. Went early in the afternoon.

in my life in the village trying to be the best for me and certainly for the community, I always try to avoid being a community waste, because I believe in one thing. this society once we make a problem then all the problems are identical we are, it is this society there is no law written yet !!! community law is not written in standbook, but society law more cruel than at law written in standbook,

Regarding steemit,

I sincerely hope that all the steemit users can accept me in this komonitas and think about guiding me in this steemit.

To understand others, I read. To understand myself, I wrote. And to understand the situation, I read and wrote it down.

That's the reason I introduced my history

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Welcome to Steemit @wilsonjoe!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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welcome to steemit, hope you can give information and good work and steemit users to support all activities in this steemit.
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Welcome my friend.