My first 3 days on Steemit have been amazing with a pinch of disappointment.

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Hi everyone, I want to share with you my experience I've had on Steemit so far. I joined three days ago after watching the @dollarvigilante's interview with the creators of Steemit and it peeked my interest. The most interesting part was getting rewarded not just physically with cash but also and mainly, with emotional satisfaction.

You see, this isn't my first time posting content. I've been posting articles on facebook about economic collapse, GEO political events, the elections, etc. and in return I'd get crickets back from my friends and family. I soon realized Facebook is a ghetto. It's designed for people with two minute attention spans to quickly gloss over and make sure their friends aren't doing anything cool without them.

So I decide to sign up and post my content to Steemit, instead of posting it to my friends and relatives on Facebook and boy was I amazed. I got likes within minutes, even replies and they weren't just saying "that's crazy talk" or "good luck with that" they where actual intelligent replies where you could have a conversation with that person and not be pissed off at the end because they were complete morons on the topic.

I was even amazed looking at the new posts. People were posting articles about vaccines, vitamins, toxic food and precious metals. Basically all stuff that I'm interested in was here on this site and that just blows me away. It also has the potential to be a new hub for like minded people to come together and share information and Ideas.

I'm still mesmerized by all the like minded people on here it just blows my mind and I hope this site does not get overrun by the Facebook ghetto zombies

In closing I will say I'm a bit disappointed with how the steempower works. I posted this article 2 days ago it had 37 likes and has made $0.00 so far. while my other article 3 days ago got 50 likes and has made around $30.00. I posted another article wondering what's the problem was here and to my disappointment the article with 37 likes was a bunch of people with no steempower even though one of the likes had over 1,000 steempower. The other article with 50 likes had one guy with over 1 million steempower like it which is why that one made so much money. To me this seem out a balance. It get the point of having power users determine what content gets rewarded but it doesn't make sense that an article could potentially get a 1,000 likes and earn 0.00 while another could get 1 like and earn $100.00.

Overall I think it's a great product with potential. I'll continue to post content as long as the Facebook zombies don't take it over.

Thank you for your time,

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It can be a little disheartening but dont give up, that one mega article is just itching to get out.....


I hope so, or else I'm going to @dollarvigilante's house and taking all his cigarettes.

STEEM POWER hast to work like that.
The payout you get for your posts is in STEEM.
STEEM would be worthless, if there was no incencive to buy and hold it.

Good luck here !



I think the steam power idea is quite ingenious. I just hope George Soros doesn't buy it all up to use for his advantage.


Well, if he did, my 111 SP would rise in value like a rocket.

For the time being - wanna check my blog ? :)


STEEM not steam XD