Introducing Voice Of Steemit Project - Roadmap and Initial Token Offering - Join the Revolution on Steemit!!

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Voice Of Steemit, a project for those who need help, a project to speak out those voices which were suppressed. A token backed community project, to create a support system for all the suppressed voices. We bring out the stories which otherwise would have gone untold and destroyed lives of people associated with it. Join this revolution with us by getting on board and fight the cause with us. It is the time now to make yourself heard in the society without the fear of being judged or bullied. Write to us and we will provide you all the help you need, find the right people for you to share your story. Your identity is hidden yet your message is sent out to the world.

Voice of Steemit addresses various untold issues from social, political, regional, cultural backgrounds. Among the various issues, our priority, for now, is to create a support system for people with depression. This is the start of our journey towards being the voice of the suppressed.

VOS Launch.jpg

The Birth of Voice Of Steemit (VOS)

Not a single soul is there in this world that has not gone through tragedies. Some people move over things, while some sad souls keep these things in their heart for a long time. And what happens then?
Their voices die without being heard. They get depressed, bullied, judged.
There was no one with them to share their sorrows, no one to talk them out of their miseries.
The biggest punishment anyone can bear is to go through this phase for a long term of their life without anyone to help.
And one of the motives of my life was to help these people, to share their sorrows, to discuss with them what they have gone through and to make them happy in any way possible.
This motive led me to design @voiceshares on steemit under a project, "Voice Of Steemit".

Voice Of Steemit (VOS), "VOS" in Spanish means "YOU", this project is all about bringing out the YOU from within and fight the cause with you. Be assured that you are not fighting battles alone anymore. Now that you know about the project let me give you some insights into VOICESHARE token which backs this project.

VOS Launch.

VOICESHARE: Why should you contribute in VOICESHARE?

VOICESHARE is a community token, investing in VOICESHARE will directly align you with the project, and we have created multiple value proposition to the VOICESHARE token. Few of the important propositions are listed below for your kind understanding

Contributor's Space:

A place to connect people who relate themselves to the cause and are ready to join the fight to form a support system. These stories are published with story teller identity hidden for various reasons of safety. However, the story teller is rewarded for being brave enough to come out and tell his/her story to the world.

One has an option to be a contributor to any story published by contributing with the community tokens, in turn, they get the contributor's space from (10% to 30% of post space). This space provided depends on the number of tokens contributed to the story, this is an excellent value proposition which also creates the synergy with other community projects doing some amazing works. A contributor can use the space for promoting his project or posts. This way we add value to each other's project.

Scalability of VOS :

Voice Of Steemit is a community project, over time people who will be associated with the project will be the ones who are the pillars of blockchain ecosystem development. Being a part of such project with ever increasing scalability is a one of the most important value propositions. Tokens gain value over time for all the amazing work VOS does.

SP Backing Evolution :

Voice Of Steemit over time will be evolving as an SP backed project. With its own curation trail for related authors, tokens will have added value to it. We encourage people who would want to get involved with the project by delegating a small part of their SP.

Trade with whaleshares and Beyondbits :

Exchange VOICESHARE for whaleshares and Beyondbits and use the same to get the visibility on the platform. One may use whaleshares or beyondbits to get an upvote for their posts on Steemit.

Initial Token Offering - VOICESHARE on sale now!!!

VOICESHARES are now available on Bitshares DEX, one may trade it for their BTS on Bitshares to get their VOICESHARES, or they may even direct reach out to us by commenting on this post, we may consider giving out to you at a discounted trade value.

We believe in Synergy!! We would be glad to work on a three way win win proposition by inviting projects across Steemit to be our contributors. We accept your community tokens in exchange for VOICESHARES, you may in turn use VOICESHARES to be an official contributor to the Voice Of Steemit Stories, as a contributor you get 10% to 30% of post space on our posts, we use this post space to promote the project/work of the contributor.

Join the Revolution on Steemit!!

By joining our Discord Server, you will meet some amazing people always ready to help, and being a part of our discord will also enhance your chances to be a part of support system for stories you relate yourself with.

Discord Server Link is : VOICESHARES
Email : [email protected]

Voice of Steemit is an initiative led by @rideofpassion and backed by @officialfuzzy.

The amazing core team of individuals supporting the project include

@looftee, @rgba, @motionemotion, @l0k1, @mialinnea , @densgirl94, @shrey, @patelincho

We look forward to adding people to the core team as we go along.

Do join this drive and help us form an amazing community !!

Watch out the space for updates on Voice of Steemit. (@voiceshares)

Do not forget to follow, upvote and resteem if you connect yourself with the project.


A great project to help people. Happy to be a part of this project.

@looftee - Thank you for being there from the start, a long journey awaits.. welcome!!

Thanks for the information post. I'm glad to be able to part of this project.

@voiceshares I like the vision of your token and will support you.
All the best

@heelzkinu - Thank you, glad u connected with the vision... do be a part of this community

interesting project and a beautiful concept around giving support to people's voices.

@jznsamuel - Thank you bro, looking forward to see you on board soon...

shiet @voiceshares , I wanna be a part of it! :)

Hey @tai-eular - Join our discord channel, we will be happy to have you on board

but from privacy standpoint, the whole project is a terrible idea.

We have taken all the necessary steps to protect the privacy of story teller, and there is a team working on project for the same.....

Awesome info. It would be interesting to be part of this initiative. I will join you on Discord as well for more info.

Welcome, i followed and will watch you guys!

@tszunami - Thank you, stay in touch

It seems an amazing initiative! Count me in @voiceshares! :)

Hello @arturomgd - Thanks a lot for the kind words, please join our discord server.. let us connect from there and start building this support system :)

Great project....Wanna be part of it..

@ebugreat - Kindly join our discord server, we meet and build project from there :)

Link is

this is great

@outhori5ed - Thanks a lot for the support :)

Welcome to Steem @voiceshares I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Great project. I have gone through some rough times in my life dealing with depression and anxiety and really just some stressful times in life. My anxiety at one point got so out of control I was convinced I was having heart attacks and was going to die! You got my upvote and resteem for sure. Great idea!

Id love to share my story with others also!

@grizzlyadam4201 - I am very happy to hear from you brother, I would definitely want to have you join us in developing this project. I am sure your story will serve as an inspiration to many to come out of their mental situation. Kindly contact us on discord now, we may have an excellant opportunity for you

Discord Server Link :

Thanks will do!

@grizzlyadam4201- Looking forward to have you there soon and also tell your story through voice of steemit .... discord details are already shared... :)

Good luck to your project @rideofpassion!

@luvabi- Thank you, It is indeed a great value addition to have u in the project

Interested in seeing where this goes. Good luck with the project.

@n4t3w - Thanks a lot, do join us on our discord server ...

good kudos !!! power to the people !!

@kingyus - Thank you.. do join our discord server and we would love to have on board

Hello @voiceshares! I found you thanks to @foodiewarrior!
Really great project, and i do have quite some bad stories that happened to me recently and i was really depressed, i really wanna share those to the world!
I've also just wrote a post on positivity!
So glad to have found you!

You got my vote and a resteem :)

welcome to Steemit @voiceshares I do hope that you will have a wonderful time on this platform, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help.
Please Follow me @Fshllc so that I can be able to see and read your posts, I will comment and upvote the ones I like :)
Let's stay connected and support each other by following, commenting and upvoting each other's posts because together we are strong!

to the Moon!!!!

Oh wow.. This is really cool :)

@andreanoronha - Thank you and thank you for contributing as well

my pleasure :)

Great and unique - hats off @voiceshares

To say frankly, I am replying here literally for your upvote. As I am a newbie, what else is important than upvotes and steempower. Please let me also be part of Steemit family.

Wow! This sounds like a really noble project :) Good job giving back to the steemit community. All the best guys!

@rjsudeep - Thanks a lot, do joinus on Discord Server with link :

Hiiii Voiceshares nice to read about you.i am Manas from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed, can you also follow me.Best of luck.

hello @Voiceshares I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community !! Nice post, Wish you much luck! Cheers! i will follow your account, please follow me ...

Congratulations @voiceshares!
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Welcome to steemian, Glad to see more people like you - here join steemit! Regards

@rindi118 - Thanks a lot, do join our discord server now

Very cool. Now following

@kp138 -Thank you, Do join our discord server too

i would love to get involved in something like this ; perhaps you could send me some more information on how to get more involved .
Upvoted and re-steemed ; i shall even follow for more information on future posts .

@endymionoriax- Thank you for the interest... we would love to have u on board and please feel free to join our discord channel where back end discussion happen and all project building team is there always available

discord server link is :

i will for sure have to check it out at another time, but i will make sure to make myself known, i have one project i would like to possibly bring to the table, i have made a few posts about it already ; maybe you could check it out and let some of the others know ?
If not i can just brows around and help other projects and build myself a reputation before jumping right in head first lol !

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Good product information, very helpful to other steemit users

Fascinating vision. Thank you to all who are the initiators. This project may help many steemians and also reveal unusual solutions. I'm in.

@bilbop - Thanks a lot, do join oour discord server, we have like mided people working towards this project

This is a good project, encouraging depressed people to share their story and also the best part about it is keeping their identity hidden its safest for them. Good job I look forward to more posts from u guys

@moonprincess - Thank you for such kind words, do join our family on our discord server... we would love to have you in the team

Discord server link :

Sure thank u for sharing the link

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