Intro of "me" outside of (my) mind (40 year old) as virtualgrowth (Eagle Scout genius & more with Meningitis)

I am me, inside beyond myself, am nothing, and do not exist. But before you think about negative thoughts I want you to think through my expression of me as nothing but you as everything that is the experience and perception of me.

Have never liked the question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I don't want to be anything or anyone else... I just want to be me!

One on my main wonderings is what can I and we think and do to improve everything for us all

The me beyond my mind many thanks and love to many of you(s) has learned to live. Finding great intelligence to be considered a logical genius. Learning how to play chess as a little boy. Then playing chess on a High school chess team two years before going to High School by invitation and winning three trophies while finishing in the top 16 in my school's division.

Introduced to Cub Scouts for a couple of years then the Boy Scouts where I accomplished and learned lots of things and went on all the way to earn the rank of Eagle Scout!

Opening my own games & collectibles store in my 20's.

Last year at this time I was living in the forests free from most everything. Although I would go to a library some days and go online to read and learn and research things. As well as earn some money and work on investments. Great enjoyed accomplishing freedom and helping others and myself in many ways. Hoping to find ways to continue such values here on steemit!

Also have a love for poker. Would like to offer a way for poker players to play for steem to combine the two passions that many have. Have traveled around just playing poker which was a very interesting lifestyle and numerous stories to share from that as well. Some idea of steem poker (chip)...

Have some cryptocurrency coin faucets that run and would like to possibly do something similar on steem as a way to help some people earn small amounts of steem while earning some myself and working together to learn and grow.

Last year I got Meningitis and dealing with ringing in my ears (Tinnitus) so some times are challenging. Thinking steem may be a good path to pursue through the combination of my mental abilities and my challenging times resulting from Meningitis.

Thank you for reading, voting, and/or commenting!

Greatly look forward to many great experiences here! :-) <3 Namaste!


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Sorry to hear about the Tinnitus. That sounds terrible. The last few days I've had some back pain, nothing serious, but just enough to give me a new respect for those who deal with chronic pain.

Good luck with your Steemit journey!


Thanks! Happy Steem'n!

Hi VG, I met you last week at the SM Meetup. I've only started to learn about bitcoins on Nov4th. Thanks for turning me on to Steemit and your blog, I will read more of your sharings later. I think it's amazing that you you lived in Nature and taught yourself so much. Joseph Campbell did the same thing for 4 years. I'm a holistic psychotherapist utilizing a neuro biological model of therapy, Somatic Experiencing. This neuro science format is focused on rewiring our neuronal networks resulting in changing behaviors and unwanted patterns of relating. I'm sorry about the Tinitus but I believe you can continue to figure out what's missing and heal further and it will go away. I'm sure you don't believe Western medicine has all the answers. I am such a novice with crypto currencies, this is such a huge learning curve. Thanks for guiding a newbie as myself to Steemit. In reading your blog I now understand why you were willing to guide me(we just met while standing in a crowd) you truly believe we are all connected as one. I have the same POV, I look forward to following you. LDC