200 Followers, And I Haven't Even Introduced Myself!

Hello Steemit community! 

As the title implies, I have reached 200 followers and this is my first blog post! I am not sure why people would follow someone who has been a member of Steemit for over a year (joined August 2016), and hasn't posted anything, but I'm not Complaining! To be honest, I just didn't know where to start my writing. 

 I have been reading and upvoting other users' content and I have to say that I am really liking the Steemit Community and I look forward to being more active and connecting with people.  I first heard about Steemit from [@dollarvigilante](https://steemit.com/@dollarvigilante) through subscribing to his Youtube channel.

So, a little about me I suppose...

My name is Tyler Davis and I hail from good old Idaho, USSA

[Image Source](http://nfbidahofalls.org/e-secured-some-very-low-room-rates-and-you-still-have-to-meake-your-plans-to-get-here-call-us-if-we-can-help-you-in-any-way/)

I had a pretty typical American childhood at least as far as the things I did and the level of brainwashing I received. I was fast on track to become just another propagandized, materialistic zombie who gobbles up whatever BS the government feeds them. Thankfully though, I had a life changing experience my senior year of high school.

Wake the F*** Up!

It was early 2011, and I was in a dark place. I was caught up in the illusions of the material world and I wasn't at all tapping into my capacity for empathy. The truth is, I was capable of causing harm and suffering to many people, and I almost did.

That's when it happened. Some good friends of mine (brothers, really) got locked up. They did something incredibly stupid and completely violated what I would later learn as, The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).

This threw my world into quite the tizzy. I almost immediately realized I was not on the right path and the world is not at all what we are told. I proceeded to research everything.  I became obsessed. I wanted to know the truth, the truth about everything! 

And here I am today, still seeking truth!

In order to pay the fee for living on planet Earth, I have worked as a cook. I love cooking for people and seeing how much joy one can experience from a simple meal, but there is much more I know I need to do. I have known for a while that I need to be an activist and do whatever I can to help spread information and empower people but...

That is the tricky part!

There is so much programming that has to be undone. I have been working on it, but I am human like everyone else and I DO succumb to the fear brainwashing and feelings of inadequacy. Even though I know that nonsense should just be tossed aside, it is a process. 

How can I empower people if I, myself, am not empowered?

It's real simple: I can't

So that is one of the main things I am consciously working on within myself. 

I want to help people with the power of information.

I am currently in the works of setting up a media website. I want to investigate and report what I feel is important information. I would like to be a full time journalist and dedicate myself 100% to the truth. I will be posting here on Steemit, articles on all kinds of topics.

I look forward to learning and growing tremendously in this community. I will be posting personal articles and news-worthy articles of information.

Cheers, and stay tuned!


Welcome aboard the steemit boat!

I'm new here . Glad that you're posting really enjoyed it . I can relate

Hey there tylerdav, welcome to steemit. In regards to the 200 people following you before you even post.. Here is my idea about that. A few of them might be real genuine people who followed you after you followed them or commented or interacted on their stuff, but.. I think most of them are "bots". I really don't think I'm at almost 1500 followers. I think it's probably more likely 500 or less.

I can't prove it, but I have a suspicion that a lot of if not all of the people on steemit have inflated numbers in regards to followers. And that many of them are not real people but bots.

That aside.. I enjoyed reading your post! You seem like a very likeminded individual and I appreciate your passion for not only trying to find the truth but also to sharing what you've learned with others. Definitely going to give you a follow. Good luck on here! I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the future.

Thank you for the feedback! I would definitely have to agree with you about the bots. I'm sure at least half of them are bots, in my opinion, lol. I will give you a follow as well! All the best to you.

Welcome to steemit ,i wish u a great time on this platform

Yeah u might want to check out some of my post, u gonna like them

Will do! Already started following you.

I appreciate man ,if u find any of the post inresting u ate free to resteem to

And good luck on your Steemit Adventure!!!

Thank you! I will follow and check out your posts!

Thank you!
I hope you will enjoy some of them!

upvoted, resteemed and following for more :-) the risk I always see in the "activists pathway" of trying to find the truth is marching right into the D&C set up on the stage the system has set up.... Cheers from the seven mountains in Germany

Thank you! I totally know what you mean. That is a lot of the reason I have been sort of "staying on the sidelines", so to speak. I really don't want to play into or feed into the divide and conquer agenda. We need common respect and unity among the people of Earth.

Welcome tylerdav, the more time I spend here the more I think that the overall architecture of this platform is truly amazing.

Congratulations. Keep on Steeming. Great job, keep the posts coming. :)

Thank you, will do!

Good piece of writing. Can you do this and cook at the same time.. Followed upvoted.

Thank you for the feedback! Cooking and writing a blog at the same time would be rather difficult haha :) but I do brainstorm Ideas while in the kitchen.

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

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glad to see you getting active now, and now following you, and upvoted you as well

Much appreciated! Will follow you as well!

Awesome! I love radicals (people who tell the truth and are true to themselves). Welcome to the community.

Thank you so much! I do indeed feel very welcome. A bit surprised, really, at the amount of positive feedback. It is quite refreshing to connect with like minded people.

Hi Tyler! Just got introduced to Steemit and I love the idea. Was good to read a bit about you perhaps after i have upvoted and read some more posts I too will do a intro blog! Cheers man! Drew

Hello! @tylerdav Welcome :)

Greatly Appreciated!

Welcome to steemit, bro. I wish you more growth

Thank you kindly. Same to you!

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome upvoted! Newbie here also..follow me @jackielouvarquez ... and I'll follow you too!

Hey @tylerdav, welcome to Steemit!

Thanks for the welcome!

Good Job

Hello, @Tylerdav, In case this has been your first Introdusemyself Post i'm here to welcome you to Steemit. I hope you have a lot of fun here and you may follow me. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Thank you for posting this lovely moment in time for you. Followed...

Loved reading the post.
You have another follower, that is not a bot. ;)

Steem on. Peace.

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