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RE: Psychedelics: The Key to Escaping the Pharmaceutical Industry Trap

welcome @peacepunk to steemit, there is a great community of like minded folk on here. I have included you in my weekly post introducing new steemians. Have fun and let e know if you have any questions, check out @kennyskitchen he wrote a post about the best anarchists on steemit.


Thank you so much!! That is so very welcoming! :D
I actually know Kenny from Anarchopulco and Rainbow Gathering last year. Part of my inspiration, was due to his and other anarchists posting on Facebook. I am greatly pleased so far, but I do have concern it might become stressful or confusing. So knowing I have someone to ask already is a sweet feeling :)
I look forward to being a part of this community very much!

Well I wrote a well thought out reply, but it doesn't appear to have taken. Anyway, I deeply appreciate you including me in your post! I most certainly will have questions, in time. I have met with Kenny at past anarchist events. He's one of the many voices that led me here, actually. :)

no worries, it can be a bit slow in the beginning but stick with it. Also @kafkanarchy84 is another one to follow xx