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RE: Let me introduce myself, with this animation of Twisted Jester @steemmonsters

Hi there @nikobalazic, welcome to the Steem blockchain and to the SteemMonsters community. I'm usually more switched on that this with welcoming people, but as you've seen, with HardFork20 and the Resource Credits saga, things have been a bit tense around here lately. But it is great to be back and able to post and reply again now.

Your Twisted Jester animation clip looks really cool! I look forward to seeing the rest of it, and to seeing more of your artwork here on the blockchain.

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@trisquelwhare thank you, yeah i will be working on animation soon! Animating is a long process.. so it will take a while! Yeah i had some problems with resouce credits also :/! I finally posted giveaway yesterday, if you want you can check it out! :)