Hi, Curators Let me surprise u! 策展人们,看一眼这个新人吧~

To my STEEM friends:

Eventually I get an account so I can start to open my life to a new "real" world, due to my procrastinate helps me a lot ! I am excited and eager to know everyone now in spite of felling so helpless with this low influence power as a new. Hope when I say "Hi, I am here! in the vast STEEM universe, there is a real person can notice me~~~~Sad to say.

I am really interested in traveling and parenting aspects. I am thinking to write articles focus on help more foreigners to do the self-guided tour easily in US using my Roadmap, which is not just a travel notes but also a guide including all of GPS locations and drive routes design for travelers. If you are interested to know this valuable knowledge which can save your time and money, please click on "follow me" now. If you are a potential curator, please trust me who will not disappoint you.

Meanwhile, as a 3 year old naughty son's mommy, I accompany with him and learn a lot from this parent's relationship. The stories between our parent-kid relationship are fun, touched, emotional, which encouraged me to just write down and share with other parents.It's like, my daily struggling between to be a good mom, which means tell him stop in lower voice and to be a crazy mom, which means to make the misbehavior right, but I already try out all of the "right" ways! I believes that daily moment really can make you recall the meaning of kids coming to our lives, which is just like God wish, to help us reflection, improving and grow with their's help and accompany. If your are interested in it too, pls follow me now.

Again I want to meet you, as my new friend, as a good listener, as a real exciting person who can help me as well and I appreciate this opportunity!

Love all of you. Because we all have the same vision which is to make ourself more powerful using writing and speaking in Steem, so that we can help next younger "ME" in this platform and build a better world together. Love, let everyone get as more as they wish. Love you from now on.

Best wishes! &#128521

Tina Wang!

The view of my neighbor restaurant~ I like to write at here.



拜拖延症所赐,我终于能在steem上拥有自己的账号,准备好迎接这个虚拟世界啦!内心小雀跃也小悲伤~ 作为新手我准备好了拥抱大家,但看了眼我的影响力为零,follower也是零的残酷现实,我不知道多少个你们看得见我微弱的呼喊“大家好。我在这,在这里~”

我对旅游和育儿的两大话题非常感兴趣,所以我正在构思在steem上把我多年开车自驾美国27个州,加拿大,和墨西哥的路书(Roadmap)在这里写出来,作为我的听众的福利。它不是个游记,而是设计好自驾路线的涵盖全部景点和餐厅GPS信息的路书。 您只需要租车,输入gps, 跟着开, 就这么简单。至于旅途中的风景和故事,希望大家自己去谱写! 请有幸碰巧在这个浩瀚的steem宇宙里面,听到我微弱呼喊,看见我,并认可我value的伯乐们,帮帮我promote吧(厚脸求,保证不会让组织失望!)

同时,作为一个快3岁就已经上房揭瓦小鬼的妈妈,我从与他三年的陪伴,他的点滴成长中,实践出一些如何对待不同年龄心智发育阶段的捣蛋鬼的技巧,也有很多为母的思考,想要分享给同样为人父母的你。 也许我分享的我俩故事的小瞬间,会同样把你带回到你的亲子关系的那个moment! 希望那份纯真,那份挚爱与感动,能帮你Recall 起你自己的那些美妙又valuable的亲子时刻!我不太会说教,相信我,和你一样我也每天挣扎在努力做个降低声调尊重孩子的好妈妈和筋疲力尽的在所有好话说尽后,爆发又为了减少guilty自我安慰的坏妈妈。我能分享的,只是我的反思和成长,盼以共勉。


爱你们。因为我们有同样的愿景,就是想在steem 用自己的声音,把自己慢慢变得更powerful, 有力量去帮助更多的昨日的渺小的自己。 希望每个人都能得到更多的爱,让我们一起让steem 的世界更温暖~ 爱你们!

自游妈妈-Tina &#128521


One year memory!

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