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RE: PLEASE HELP - addicted to STEEM - I put my life savings into STEEM before making my first post ~ I only have 1 question

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Can we have longer payout periods when the STEEM price stabilizes?

The dev team is looking into this as a possible enhancement, although there are some complexities to it. The main one is that any post that is part of the payout needs to be held in memory for the active block-chain. If all posts needed to be held in memory, it would make it so that the system was not scalable. The other problem is that there is a fixed reward pool. If time goes on and more and more old posts continue to receive payout, there will be less in the pool for new posts. They are looking into solutions, but it is probably not something that will get fixed soon.

[Edit] Welcome to Steemit by the way :)


Thanks for the informative posts as always @timcliff !