Journal of a RocknRolla: Prologue

Journal of a RocknRolla: Prologue

                                                                  “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.”

                                                                                                                   – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Dream

One day you wake up because an adrenaline fueled sensation is pumping your heart, you feel lightheaded because today what once was a merely distant and obscure product of your imagination finally takes physical form...
You rush yourself down the hallway of a hotel, neurotically replying everyone on text...

…..“Maan, I’m so proud of you!!”.....”You’re gonna kill it, bro!!”...”Can you get me in tonight?!! xo xo”.....
In your head you think, - “Of course they gonna f**k my brains out today”

You make your way to the hotel lobby at 11am sharp just to see that The Manager Guy isn’t there yet… get irritated because he always does that….

You make a phone call….
     - “Where the hell are you? 11am sharp, that’s what we planned for!

      - “I’m coming down, man! 10 minutes!”

In your head you tell yourself to calm down because, - “People are always late”. It is never exactly as you want it, but, then, you’re a complete control freak and your micromanagement habits often do more harm than let it go

“Should I post something on social while he’s getting here? I need a good tweet...ugh, I’m the worst at it….god damn Twitter.”

Texts are keep coming in…A dizzy sensation and chills don’t seem to go away…
With every bell ring you nervously throw your eyes at the elevator doors, - “Is it him, yet? It’s time to go”
At 11:13am that jerk finally shows up….11:13am….. I never could understand why people are so bad at showing up on time….

      - “My bad, had an important call”

In your head you think, - “Like hell you did, asshole”

     - “That’s fine...I’m ready!”

You step outside of the hotel and start walking toward the car…….Did I really make it?.....

Today I play Madison Square Garden.


A Public Diary

Are you still there? Good.....Hello, I’m Alex Poe, and no, I’m not playing Madison Square Garden….not just yet…. popo.jpg

I’m here because I want to carve my name in the history as a musician seminal for my and future generations.
“Journal of a RocknRolla” is my public diary and I want it to be raw, imperfect, uncensored and full of behind the scene moments of an aspiring rockstar / bipolar antihero….. Baaam, what an intro!

Steem It?

A good narrative is like a good concert, and a good concert is being what you truly are in front of the audience, a brief act of cleansing, a delirious moment that’s often over too soon. The only thing you know is that during those short moments you fade into a dimension that’s beyond any reasoning and personal troubles. You are there and you are one with the moment.
If my narrative is to be made public it has to be on a platform that speaks the language of terra incognita.

What am I doing with my life? Trust me when I say that I’m curious about it too. I run several projects and all of them are related to music or the entertainment industry.

The baby I’m proud of the most is my band The Hate Club. My first episode in Journal of a RocknRolla is going to be dedicated to THC. The band is a hybrid of electronic and LIVE, I use custom made gear and I think you’re all gonna be really excited to see some of the technology that inspires the act.
Watch out Steem It, cool kid on the block haha. In Episode #1 I’ll share the music, videos, pictures and the story behind how my band came to be, the ideology, what the songs are about etc.. Should be super cool.

There’s also House of the DVNT - a touring concert series for bands and their most dedicated fans. I produce these shows and they are typically held in the most unexpected places.
If you’re familiar with Sofar Sounds then imagine what would happen if Sofar Sounds were put together by Keith Richards….you get the idea ;)

I do plenty of studio work and write music for others. Once I’m done with touring and jumping on stage I’m going to switch to film scoring, luckily my classical and jazz chops are still there ;)

WELL HELLO HELLO HELLO, why don’t you hi-five me in the comment section and stay a little longer, I want to meet you all!

Welcome to the Journal of a RocknRolla

Much Love

Alex Poe


welcome here @Thehateclub !! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me.

Good post my friend i am @djnoel :)

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