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Hello Steeminas! My name is Miroslav and @thebigmile is only one of my many nicknames. Other nicknames are Igor, Rok etc...
I am from Zagreb Croatia, and I have been a member of this community for approximately 2 months now.

I have been introduced to Steemit by my family members, including my daughter @matejka13 , my wife @thelittlemile , my sister´s daughters @rita0404 @jele.mala , and my sister´s son in law Oleg @olegw . Oleg was the first one who promoted Steemit so consistentlly and so enthusiastically.
As you can imagine - we´re all crazy Steemians. I have a steady 8 to 5 office job, and Steemit seems like an excellent place to get to know people around the world and share our thoughts and experiences.


I grew up in Zagreb, and this is my picture when I was very very young.


I have many different interests in life but on this blog I will write mostly about music, travel, food, beer, and graffiti (street art).

I don´t cook every day but when I do, I really enjoy myself. I love to cook for my friends and my family. I love different cuisines and different styles but seafood is my favorite. Recently I prepared this Prawns Risotto.

IMG_5830 (1).JPG

Most of my photos about street art are taken in Novi Zagreb (southern suburbs of Zagreb)


I visited many countries on several continents but there are many more on my list to visit. I enjoy traveling around the world with my wife Maja @littlemile. I also enjoy slow and “laid back” type of travel. I am not very eager to see tourist attractions, but I love to mingle with the locals and taste local food and drinks. I also love “people-watching”. Ohh I wish we were in Thailand now :)


Music is another big love and passion. I passionately listen to rock music since I was a kid. Classical rock from 60´s and 70´s, punk rock, new wave, through modern music. I believe music has a healing element and brings a joy to our life. Just few days ago I bought a ticket for June openair festival “InMusic” that is held every year near Jarun lake in Zagreb. This year´s lineup include Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave, David Byrne and Alice in Chains. I can´t wait for June to come!!

I am thrilled to become a part of such an exciting community! Steem on!


Hi there welcome to steemit @thebigmile how are you and nice to meet you by the way. I am happy to see that your family is on steemit as well which is great to know, the family that blog together stays together. lol
I wish you all the best and good luck to you! =)

Thank you for your welcome comment! I started following you and I am sure I will enjoy reading your posts!

I've been waiting for this post for two months :))
Welocme dad! You'll be great here! <3

Your posts on Steemit are the best! And very inspiring!

Finally - welcome :)

Thank you Oleg! And thanks for introducing Steemit to me!

Welcome to steemit! I invite you to read my Welcome Introduction.. Or my first steps on steemit #3 you may find it useful! Enjoy!

Thank you for your welcome. I am sure going to read it!


Warm welcome! I’m also new here. Hope you enjoy the community, follow if you want! 😊
Love from Barcelona

Thank you for welcoming me! I visited Barcelona several times and I love it!

Welcome to Steem @thebigmile.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome to this awesome community! Music certainly brings a joy to our lifes :)

Thank you for a warm welcome!

Great to have u here keep posting and keep expressing urself and r u in to football?? Lastly from now on I will upvote and follow ur post I hope you will do the same... let's grow together after all we are family 😄

hey welcome nice to see you here ,i am here to help you, i know you can do it just push yourself forward

Thank you for your warm welcome!

Hi Miroslav, welcome to Steemit! Will follow you, looking forward to reading your posts. I'm interested to see more photos of the graffiti in Zagreb :-)

Thank you for following! And stand by for more graffiti from Zagreb!

Hola, @thebigmile bienvenido a esta comunidad. Espero que crezcas mucho y para ello te sugiero que interactues con los usuarios, comenta, participa. Yo estoy trabajando en ello. saludos.

Добро нам дошао @thebigmile! Породица је најзад комплетна на Стимиту ;)

Hvala na dobrodoslici! Hahaha da konacno svi na Steemitu. Zar nisu sve sretne obitelji na Steemitu?

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