Say Hello to Taste In (Not your average Food Blog)

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Hey there all you Steemians

This will be my new happy place where I will share all my latest and greatest food and beverage conquest's with you.

I live in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Majority of my time is spent at Wine Farms or in the kitchen. I am by no means a professional chef. I just learned how to cook from my family and cook books and now I want to share my little bit of knowledge with you.

Currently I'm going through a big bread and fish stage so expect to see a lot of that to start off with. I will also share recipes and technics that I use in my everyday cooking/baking.

Here are some of my prettiest dishes for you to get a feel for what I like to make:

Mussel Pot with a Butter Sauce


Mussel Pot with a White Cream Sauce with freshly baked bread


Creamy Butternut Soup with Micro Herbs


Zucchini pasta with Fried Halloumi and Poached Eggs


Spinach Pasta with Shimeji mushrooms

Butterfish Ceviche with Mango Salsa, Poached Eggs and Toasted French Loaf


I hope you join in on my food conquest and help me taste through the flavours of the world

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The food looks delicious man. Looking forward to your future posts.

welcome tastein

happy steeming


Thanks @lopezdacruz, all the best for you as well.

i love to cook ; and i must say - that butterfish, with the mango salsa, and poached egg, looks AMAZING !

You have absolutely made yourself a follower, and i hope you would follow me as well, i am always looking to gather a team to help bring others to this platform, and i will say, that i know you will be doing a FANTASTIC job here, anyway - HAPPY STEAMING !~

you should join my team and check out my facebook page located at the top of my blog, im sure we can start up some sort of project together, and bring others into this community !


Thank you very much, will definitely check out all the above mentioned. Thanks for the warm welcome.


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