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RE: Hello, to all people here.

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Happy to be one of the 1st to welcome you to Steemit and be one of your 1st upvotes. For me, the 2 best things about being a Steemian are sharing and automation. The sharing part is when you upvote someone else's post, you get a piece of the curation (money/crypto) from that post (and vice versa). The automation comes from using to auto upvote so you can literally make crypto (Steem) in your sleep.

For example, you can make a piece of the curation on my post from 2 days ago "How the Magic of the Wihan Felt" by upvoting it (The Sharing). The amount of money is shown in the post.

After signing in to using Steemconnect (a part of the Steem blockchain), come back and click here ""Stewsak Fanbase"" and follow to upvote and receive a share of the money made from all of my posts (the automation). Sharing is a beautiful thing and I would love to share the piece of the money/crypto with you on all of my post. I look forward to reading your post in the near future and if you have any questions, ask away :) Welcome to Steemit & have a superb week!

"Wishing you the best..."


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