Presentándome a la comunidad, saludos esta soy yo en pocas palabras.- Introducing myself to the community, greetings this is me in a few words.

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Hola Querida comunidad, quiero presentarme formalmente a todos ya que deseo participar activamente y quiero que me conozcan un poco mejor, mi nombre es Martha Poriett, soy Venezolana de 43 años , casada y madre de dos bellos niños un varon de 4 años y una hembra de 9 años, soy bioanalista de profesion y trabajo en un laboratorio privado medio dia, ya que me dedico a ser madre todoel tiempo posible, m,i hija es autista y lucho cada dia por darle una mejor vida y a parte de realizar mi trabajo en el laboratorio como bioanalista, me he desempeñado desde hace 15 años como asesora de tesis de grado en diferentes universidades del pais.

Es un placer esta aqui y formar parte de esta gran comunidad. sin mas que agregar espero leerlos pronto y verlo pr aqui leyendo mis post.

Les dejo algunas fotos esta soy yo y mis hijos.


My name is Martha Poriett, I am Venezuelan, 43 years old, married and mother of two beautiful children, a 4 year old boy and a 9 year old female, I am a professional bioanalyst and I work in a private laboratory half a day, Since I dedicate myself to being a mother as long as possible, my daughter is autistic and I struggle every day to give her a better life and apart from doing my job in the laboratory as a bioanalyst, I've been working for 15 years as a thesis advisor degree in different universities in the country.

It is a pleasure to be here and to be part of this great community. I hope to read them soon and see you here reading my post.

I leave you some photos this is me and my children.




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Welcome 😊

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Saludos y bienvenida a la comunidad. Noto unos pequeños detalles en la redacción revisa y corrige. Te deseo mucho éxito. Ayer vi que entraste a nuestro Discord, me parece excelente, allí puedes aclarar dudas y aprender algunos tips. Esperamos tus publicaciones!

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Bienvenida a la comunidad, @steemtek. Éxito.

You are great.

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This is a lovely introductory post, Thank you for taking the time to write the post and say hello to the community!

I am here to help!

I would encourage you to keep posting and comment on others users content to help make a name for yourself and to get the most out of the platform!

Feel free to comment on my content and I'll up vote your comments! Drop me a follow so you can comment a lot and get a lot of my upvotes!

I have upvoted your post!

Luppers :)


I am glad to see you introducing yourself on Steemit! It can be complicated, but let me suggest some helpful tips! It is important to post quality content and to comment on other user's content so people can get to know you, and you can start earning STEEM!

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We hope that helps!