Thanks @steemskate ! Not sure what content people crave or a few rules related to copyrights/music on videos. I tend to add songs that YouTube doesn't like! Can I share my previous YouTube videos here to get you all up to speed? Does song choice affect my steemit abilities? Like will I get content removed because of a song for example?

Very stoked to get on here and start upvoting! I just made my way through a lot of your posts for the past week. Oh and it's @branders0n ;) so close!

Oh man, sorry for the typo lol!
Of course you can share your old videos. Now regarding the copyright issues, if you upload your content in platforms like @dtube or which are both built on top of Steem, there is no way your content will be removed ;). You are the only one who can remove and edit your content cause it's YOURS, you own it on Steem!