The Journey to Becoming a Steemionaire - Day Zero (February 18, 2018)

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Hello Everyone and thank you for reading this post.

I have 2 goals with this Steem account:

First is to grow this account until it is worth one Million Dollars


The second goal to is to show those new to the Steem ecosystem (or even veterans that can't seem to get anywhere) how one can grow their account from next to nothing, especially if they write content that others may find helpful or useful, or maybe just entertaining. But I hope to also shatter a couple of myths that stop your growth:

Myth 1: That you need to work hard and struggle for a long time and build up an audience that will upvote and make you money... This is utter BS because the way that you grow on this platform is not the same way that you grow on say, YouTube. On a platform like YouTube you don't really have much control, and you are forced to "game the system" at every turn to keep your audience and try to make a few pennies. This leads to the other myth:

Myth 2: That real life financial growth will be linear and based on a single income stream. I hate that this concept is drilled into peoples minds in our society from birth. The education system teaches it, even our parents may promote the idea if they are stuck in the system, but "having a job and getting a paycheque" is a great way to stay where you are in life. Even worse, young people (in the west at least) are coerced into $100,000+ of student slave debt (aka student loans) that can never be erased like regular debt without paying them off, and these youth are told they will not be successful unless they take the path of "paying" for an education. I should know, I took that path (although in my country college tuition is, or at least was paid mostly by my government, so my student loans were small and paid off in a few years after college).

So now that you see where I'm coming from, and just how livid it makes me to imagine the millions of youth being lured into slavery and horrifying levels of inescapable debt, this Steem account motivates me to show others how to start from nothing on a platform like Steem (or in real life) and just how fast you can multiply your net worth over time. It may take me two or three years with this account, but I can almost guarantee I will succeed in making @steemionaire a name that is not ironic. I will show you every day what I've done, and the progress I am making.


How will I do this exactly?

No, I'm not going to:

  • upvote beg
  • spam comments on other peoples posts
  • use outside money to boost this account

What I am going to do is utilize the legitimate tools at my disposal on the Steem ecosystem - to build up the value of my account as fast as possible.

My prediction is that the growth of this account should be parabolic, or at least grow in an exponential fashion over time. It will seem slow at first, but after a couple months you may be surprised. Eventually the growth will start to decrease, but that will be long after the value of this account has reached $1 Million Dollars.

Do I think I'm opening up Pandora's box by potentially tilting the balance in favor of the plebs? No, no I don't. A rising tide (in theory) should lift all boats. Steem has a learning curve that most people cannot overcome, and I intend to help remove that barrier for people.


So what kind of tools are available on this platform then?


Here's the tools that I will be using to start off:

This Steem tool is simple. Steemfollower was created by @mahdiyari, who continues to improve the site. The name is kind of misdirecting, because the service no longer has anything to do with following.

The first thing you do is login. This site uses SteemConnect, which allows you to sign in with your Steem name, and your private posting key found in your wallet under "Permissions" tab. It is safe, as long as you aren't sharing your private keys, or writing them down in a public place.


Next, click on services tab and select "Manual Curation."


Now that you are in the Manual Curation Page, you can probably figure things out from here. There are tutorials everywhere if you cannot figure things out.


the next tool I will be partially using is minnowbooster.

calling Minnowbooster a tool is an understatement. It's more like a service suite of tools that all compliment each other, and are all designed to help people grow, and not just "Minnows."

Again, the first thing to do is sign in. Minnowbooster uses SteemConnect (pretty much every legitimate Steem service uses SteemConnect right now), so it should be fairly straight forward if you already signed in to Steemfollower.


Once you sign in, there will be new places to go, just for you.


I will leave it up to you to explore Minnowbooster and what options are available, but for now I will just be using Minnowbooster to pay for upvotes from other Steemians that have turned their account into a voting bot.

Once I get enough Steem Power (probably 100+), I will turn this account into an upvote bot as well using Minnowbooster, which will in turn pay me SBD that I can use to buy upvotes.

While I know this sounds like some kind of scheme that can't be legitimate, this is in fact how the real world economy works, at least to some degree. Every single business out there uses this very same model of earning money (in our case, Steem Dollars), and spending that money to make more money. A business that brings in a million dollars in revenue each year is probably spending at least 800-900K on payroll and inventory alone, unless they are hosing their customers and/or paying for cheap foreign labor (cough apple cough cough).

So if you think there is something wrong with utilizing your Steem account in this manner to generate an income, you are definitely going to hate how the real world works, because having a job or running a business is following the very same principals. The more revenue you can pump back into a business, the more that business will grow and thrive.

In this way, a Steem account is nothing more than a semi-autonomous business. What your business offers is up to you. Do you provide people with cryptocurrency news, or maybe you are a photographer? Maybe you travel and want to blog about that, or maybe you're a poet or writer?

It doesn't matter what content you are looking to provide on this platform, it is only important to know that in order to grow on Steem (or in real life) you need to learn how to promote yourself. Buying upvotes and using services like Steemfollower are very effective ways of promoting your content.

There are other ways to grow as well, and I will touch on those later as I cross those bridges and the needs present themselves. There will always be a way, even if the current tools break or become obsolete.

I think finally I should finish by saying that I will not be growing this account in the absolute fastest way possible, because as stated at the beginning of this post, I will not be providing external capitol to speed up the process. I could spend 400 dollars in real life to buy 100 Steem power, but what does that save me, a month of time? a couple weeks?

Thank you for reading, and I hope that if nothing else, @steemionaire will help new and old members of this community alike to grow and prosper.

But be warned: making spam posts or plagiarizing content will get your account noticed very quickly by @steemcleaners, @cheetah, and other users (myself included) that will flag and downvote that kind of abuse in a heartbeat.

If you want to grow on Steemit the legitimate way, I have just shown you how. Talk about something that interests you, and be yourself. Then use the tools that others on this platform have provided to make the most of your content, and to grow it in a smart and profitable way.


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Welcome to Steemit @steemionaire!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Let me know if I can help.
Many blessings! @bycoleman

Thank you!

Welcome and good luck!

thank you!

welcome to the community!

Thank you!

Hello And Welcome To Steemit!

It is a platform like none other. You can get to know people from all over the world. If you continue to post great informative content you will grow a following in no time!

Start following some authors that post good content and upvote them as well. Follow Me! Make some friends and you will be well on your way to earning some nice curation rewards and growing your following.

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Best Of Luck!
Spencer Coffman
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Thank You!

You're welcome!
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Hi and welcome to steemit. There's a lot going on here as you already know, so take some time and just enjoy. I hang out on DTube mostly as well as do some photography stuff. If you have any interest, look over my content. Hope you enjoy it here. Kind regards.

Thank you!

Nicely done! informative article my friend.

Thank you!


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Really interesting article ! I like your vision of "how the real economy works". You have my vote my friend. grettings from Paris. Peace. CS