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RE: Who is Chris Stefanick?

Hello! Welcome to Steemit.

In order to prevent identity theft we like to encourage users that have an online identity, post for a website or blog, and celebrities of all notoriety to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

Verification can be as simple as posting to your website or blog. If you use twitter or facebook, you can also create a tweet or post there. For our easily recognizable Steemians, a photo with you holding a piece of paper with the time & date will suffice.



ChoiceConvo Choice Conversations tweeted @ 29 Aug 2016 - 00:52 UTC

Check out my introductory blog post on #steemit - Up votes are of course appreciated! #introduceyourself

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you for taking the time to verify!

Thank You! ☙

You're welcome!

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