Introducing Spectrum Economics

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Hi Steemians,


I have been on Steemit now for a few months. I think it is about time that I took the opportunity to introduce myself officially to the Steemit world.

Who am I?

My name is Wayne Davies. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was born in Southampton, England. Before coming to Australia, I lived in Singapore for 16 years. I received most of my education in Singapore.

I am an economist by profession. I am strong believer in both human and animal rights and I am vegan. I am also an Aspie (I have Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism). To me it is just a different perspective on life. It has its advantages and disadvantages. In short, it makes me a little different from most people.

What is my background?

I worked in the Queensland Government for 10 years (9 years in Transport and Main Roads and 1 year in Building Queensland). My work was predominantly related to project evaluation, cost benefit analysis, and social impact evaluation.

As part of and in addition to my work in Government, I have presented papers at numerous conferences. I have also written papers for Academic Journals as well. Most of these papers and presentations relate to transport project evaluation and cost benefit analysis.

Links to be papers can be found on my Linkedin profile page at:

The papers can also be accessed from my website at:

What do I do now?

I have now left the Queensland Government and I have started my own business ‘Spectrum Economics’. I am an Economic Consultant. I provide advice regarding project evaluation. I conduct cost benefit analysis, social impact evaluation, and develop economic models. I also conduct project reviews and peer reviews of economic analysis.

I have my own YouTube channel ‘Spectrum Economics’. This channel can be accessed at:


My YouTube channel is reasonably new but already has over 60 videos. These videos cover a variety of economic topics ranging from basic economic concepts such as demand and supply to the application of economics in certain fields. Some of the videos are targeted at people with a background in economics and can be quite technical. Other videos are less technical and focus on the application of economics rather than the theory.

Some of the videos cover the main stream economic topics such as unemployment, inflation, and national income. Many of the videos depart from mainstream economics and look at how economics has been used a tool for manipulation. Other videos look at how economics can be used for good and how we often apply economics in lives without even knowing it.

What do I do for fun?


I really enjoy the Supanova Expo. I like to dress up in costume. I have gone to Supanova dressed as Thor, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Hercules. I enjoy the whole atmosphere there as well as some of the interesting talks, meeting with some of the superstars, as well as just bumping into other people who like to dress up and get involved in Cosplay.

Even when I’m not at an event such as Supanova. I still sometimes dress up. I have a character I like to call ‘Might Blueberry’ I came up with character about 15 years ago as a wrestler in the old Smackdown wrestling game series (I think this was on PlayStation 2). I now occasionally dress as him, this only started in 2017, to make videos on my sister’s YouTube channel as well as for the occasional special event.


Check out my sister’s Youtube channel at:

I love to play on my PlayStation (3 or 4). Some of my favourite games are the Far Cry series, Madden NFL series, WWE 2K series, Grand Theft Auto series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Need for Speed series, Diablo 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. As you can a combination of role playing, racing and sports games.


I am also quite hooked on the Marvel Universe as well. The Guardians of Galaxy movie series is my favourite of the Marvel movies. The story lines are great and the movie has my two of my favourite characters Groot and Rocket. I have to admit I had not heard of Guardians of the Galaxy until the first movie came out. I also like the Iron Man and Captain America movies as well. I am not such a fan of the DC Universe, sorry Green Lantern and Superman.


What will I bring to Steemit?

As the name suggests (Spectrum Economics). I will mostly be posting content relating to economics. Some of the posts will be purely blogs and others will be videos with fairly detailed write ups. My ‘Economics is Everywhere’ series is currently just written blogs but I am making video versions which I will be uploading to Dtube.

Most of posts will align closely with the content I produce on YouTube. The key difference is that the posts will contain detailed summaries and pictures for those who don’t want to or don’t have the time to watch the videos. The summaries also support the content in the videos and may provide additional clarification around discussions.

Something Controversial

I have to warn you that some of my content might be deemed controversial to some. I look quite closely at how economics is not necessarily being used for our best interests. I look at Government and the large multi-national companies that exploit and control the masses. I explain how the current system is keeping us enslaved. I also highlight how humanity is waking up and waking up in droves. There are very interesting times ahead. Steemit to me, seems like the ideal platform to get the message out.


Vegan Economics

Some of my posts will be about veganism and the concept I have coined ‘Vegan Economics’. Some of these post will look at how the meat and dairy industry exploits animals for profit. I will include my presentations at events I speak at as well YouTube videos I have made on regarding animal cruelty.

I am also wring a book with the working title ‘Vegan Economics’. This book will look closely at animal exploitation and cruelty in the entertainment, food, pet, research, and clothing industries. I will explain how animal exploitation and cruelty is profitable. I will also look at assigning costs to animal cruelty and adjust prices of products linked to animal cruelty accordingly.

The book attempts to look at the world from the perspective of sentient beings rather than just from the human perspective. This is a very different approach to economics, which I believe has not been attempted. I expect some resistance from mainstream economists who will argue against this new approach. I feel this work is definitely necessary as the world does not just revolve around human beings. We need to respect all the inhabitants of this planet.


Puzzles and Contests

I am also running weekly contests. These contests will require people to solve 4 puzzles, the first person to solve the puzzle will win half the post payout plus the previous contest’s payout if that has not been won. Please go to my Steemit page and check out the most recent contest for a chance to win. Even wrong answers will be rewarded with an upvote to your comment. These contests may not relate directly to economics but an important part of economics is analytical ability. Most of these puzzles require analytical ability.



This brings me to the end of my well overdue introduction post. If you like or are interested in anything I mentioned in this post, please go over to my page and have a look around. If you like what you see, please follow me? I will keep the content coming. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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great post :)

Thanks @jonathanxvi.

Welcome to Steemit, Wayne. I enjoyed your pictures as well especially the Game of Thrones cosplay and the character that you created Might Blueberry. Have fun and keep steeming. :)

No problem @firepower. I am very excited to be part of Steemit. I have seen quite a diverse range of talent here so far.


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You have my attention, I follow you. This week I am going to start writting about politics, but I am also very interested in economics. I hope you can help me to learn more about this subject. Good luck with your project.

Thank you @krinein. There is an interesting link between economics and politics. I have found that politicians like to manipulate economics to suite their ends. I am very interested in what you have to say. If you want to know more about economics look back at some of my older posts. I have a lot of information. Also check out my YouTube channel 'Spectrum Economics' it is available at:

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I will check that, thank you. Can I also make you some question? Do you have any position about neoclassical economy? I have read some things of economists such as Douglas Down and Steve Keen who denounce the ideological roll of neoclassical theories in the design of public policies. I would like to know your view about that, if you have one. I am glad that people with your knowledge are willing to help us to understand things that are of extremely importance.

Sure no problem @krinein. I have no problem answering any questions you might have.

Regarding neoclassical economics, it is a very broad area. Many economists consider it to be the backbone of economics. There are also plenty that question it as well. There is rather a lot to get into. I will put neoclassical economics on my list of future posts so that I can do the subject justice.

Ok, thank so much. I know it is a complex debate .Douglas North, who won the Nobel Price in 1993, used to claim that "to abandon neoclassical theory is to abandon economic sciences". I hope he was wrong. I look forward to reading your new posts.

Welcome. make me feel dull. You look like you know how to have fun in life. lol. I've always wanted to live in Australia. I'm blessed to have some cool Steemit friends from there. I'm into hip hop and I have a couple of podcasts, one speaking on black culture consciousness and the other on crypto. Stop by, don't be a stranger. I'm also very explicit like yourself but I promise it's all passion and love for freedom of people

Thanks @geechidan. I will definitely check out your page. I'm sure you have a lot to offer the Steemit world.

Australia is an amazing country to live in. Great beaches, great wildlife, great hinterland and great people if you look in the right places. Unfortunately, not such a great Government right now. The good news is that people are waking up to this. Change is something that we can all be excited about.

Hi Wayne... Nice to meet you...🌹.. This is a nice intro post... I must say that you are a multi-talented person.... I upvoted you... I hope you will do great over here as a steemian..😊.. Follow Me @onority

Thank you very much @onority. So far I am having a great time on Steemit. I went to your page and I am following you. I wish you all the best on Steemit.

You are welcome ...😊 Steemit is a great place and Thanks for the follow ... I am following you too...

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Hi wayne,

You seems to be a crazy guy with interessting hobbys. I like it.

Thanks @jfkenndy.

Hello, Spectrumecons, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Thank you @rightuppercorner for the very nice welcome. I am currently following you, good luck.

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Wow! That's a lot! :D I'll keep it short... Welcome!! :)

Thanks @ackhoo

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Welcome to Steemit. Look forward to reading your posts into the future.
Sounds like you bring some good areas of expertise and skill set's.
I would love to go to supernova, will certainly have to at least once I think.

Yeah, you should definitely check out supanova. I think they have four or five of them a year in different cities across Australia. Also, thanks for your support.

welcome to steemit @spectrumecons
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.

Thanks for your support @thailand-funfun. I followed you back. I look forward to some of your future posts.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Very nice introduction.

Thank you very much @thaiprincess.

Welcome to Steemit and Great intro.
Terrific introduceyourself post.
I'm planning a Steemup in Brisbane on Sat 4th November to coincide with STEEMfest2.
Go #teamaustralia

Thanks @stephen-somers. I'm very excited about being on Steemit. STEEMfest2, that sounds interesting. The Steemup sounds like a good idea if you can get enough people. I'll let you know if I'm free on the 4th.

Wow , you have lots of patience @spectrumecons !!


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You welcome @spectrumecons to steemit.just a little advice, to succeed here you need a lot of diligence and patience. Enjoy the journey even as the funds flow in. I upvoted you. You can follow me so we can connect. Goodluck

Thanks for your support, upvote and advice @gabrielinnocent, I am now following you. Good luck on your Steemit journey.

Hello Wayne, welcome to Steem! :-)

Thank you @gtg. I am excited about being part of this community.

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Welcome to team australia. Ill have to check out some of your posts and you habe an

Thank you @gniksivart for welcoming me to Team Australia.

Awesome introduction and liked your article more .. thanks for joining this community continue supporting ... @spectrumecons

Thank you very much @krishannan1712.

A refreshing read thanks @spectrumecons - one of the rare posts that had me reading it in full..maybe some shared aspie vibes at play here too!

I will highly appreciate your knowledgeable comments on on a currency I propose - one with by definition a reliable purchasing power for essential stuff.

Finding the right ears for something as out-of-the-box as this is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be around here, especially for a newcomer like me.

I like your orientation in general. If I could find a drink containing all the nutrients required to keep the complete complex bodily equation functioning as it should and some tasty roughage to complement it, my worst problem in life will be solved!


Thanks for reading my post in full. You will have to tell me more about this currency you propose.

If you are a philosopher, an economist and a physicist al rolled together, it will certainly make explaining the concept a lot easier! It is in fact a very simple idea, based on fundamental principles. This is also why it is very easy to implement the idea, but difficult to explain, because not everybody is familiar with the principles involved.

I have discovered lately that it is easier to introduce the idea from the monetary side and then allow the currency to explain itself.

Imagine a currency unit designed to have the purchasing power of one unit of electricity. Lets say it is a crypto coin called bitENERGY.

We now have a crypto called bitENERGY, that has an everlasting purchasing power that enables you to buy one unit of electricity with it. And as we all know, one unit of electricity = one kilowatt-hour of energy.

So our bitENERGY coin buys one kilowatt-hour of energy now and forever, in the same way that a bitUSD SmartCoin is designed to buy one USD now and forever, or a bitGOLD is a derivative equal in value to one ounce Troy fine gold.

Now keeping in mind that most essential goods - the stuff like basic foods, energy (electricity, fuel, etc.), water and basic medicines you really need to sustain a healthy life are 'energy intensive', meaning that energy is a dominant factor in the cost of producing those, what advantages would it have for you to have bitENERGY as your currency?

Will the prices of essential stuff be more stable in bitENERGY or in USD?

Which currency will it be better to have your pension savings in, bitENERGY, or USD?

Which currency will be better to negotiate minimum wages in, bitENERGY, or USD?

Which currency will have a more stable value relative to essential goods, bitENERGY, or any of the currencies with values dependent on market sentiment?

I would love to hear your opinion on this. There are more things to discuss, some of which I have already addressed in my blog. Would be grateful if you could have look at those as well.


That is an interesting idea. Any fiat currency is unstable as it is based on confidence which could disappear overnight which it has done already for a few countries. Your example of bitENERGY is interesting. I believe pegging the value of your currency to one unit of energy would be more stable in the long-run. Don't get me wrong, prices of energy can fluctuate because of demand and supply shocks in the energy market. Improving technology should in the long-run keep the cost of energy down.

Even if costs of energy fluctuate, households would still be able to access energy at the same price so that is not a huge problem. Fluctuating energy costs could mean the prices of goods not sensitive to energy consumption could fluctuate. Again, this would most likely only be temporary.

This is definitely worth a ponder. Following my current thought process, what you propose sounds like a reasonable idea.

Thank you for your time @spectrumecons

I find the way in which virtually every aspect of the market over time adjusts itself to changes in the price of oil as a major source of energy fascinating. It shows how powerful and important that inherent relationship between energy and production really is.

A major problem with the current monetary system is that such fluctuations in the fiat price of energy creates havoc in especially the less advantaged and also less powerful sectors of the economy - the poor always lose out, whichever way it goes.

Curing the symptoms by traditional economic means is a task too big to tackle and letting it over to market forces to rectify too painful and too slow to endure, including massive labour strikes and riots, with their own negative side effects, while pensioners suffer more poverty by the day, with their losses never truly regained.

The only preemptive cure for that is a currency that somehow preserves its purchasing power for energy - in effect a price fix on energy, which is of course anathema for the financial/economic elite.

A decentralized currency, however, that tracks is value to be the price of energy in fiat, or its price in terms of some other commodity, like a rare metal, made possible by the SmartCoin/bitshares facility, and that the workers corps can insist in trading with and pensioners can convert their savings to, can render them immune to these negative effects.

The effects of a currency like this will over time be much more far reaching, in fact rendering the current financial system and the practice of charging interest something of the past. But that revolution, however advantageous it may be, is not the primary point. The prime objective is providing protection of quality of life to the disempowered, powered by a neutral, decentralized, incorruptible means, made possible by blockchain technology and the bitshares/SmartCoin software so brilliantly engineered on top of that

Kindest regards

Nice to meet you my vegan friend! I really enjoyed reading this post. I'm following you now. Thank you for the support!

I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for following.

Those dress up photos are really interesting.

Thanks, it was a lot of fun dressing up.