#IntroduceYourself: Hello, Hey, Hi! I'm Skill from South Africa. Let's Connect!

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Greetings, salutations and all mandatory protocol observed.
(Okay, I’m joking let’s start that again...)

Wassup, Skill here. I’m a musician, producer and test engineer from
The tip of the motherland, South Africa. (No, I don’t know Nelson Mandela)

Why Skill?

I’ve been chastised many times for the “originality” or lack there of, of my
pseudonym, Skill. It’s actually derived from my original alias, Sono Kinetic ILL.

· Sono -> relating to sound. (Think sonogram)

· Kinetic -> relating to or resulting from motion (can you tell I studied mechanical engineering?)

· ILL -> Sick (in hiphop culture, ill is a synonym for good.)

The word Skill also means the ability to do something well or expertise and I’d like
To think most people strive to do just that, I’m part of that group.

Why SteemIt?

Growth! I really believe in the SteemIt community and the opportunity to
Be part of such an ecosystem. I’ve been learning through life experiences in
The music business in the South African context so I feel like I could contribute to it.
There are also a ton of inspirational, informative posts here and I think I could grow
Personally because of it.

What will I Be Sharing?

Tips, tricks and little bit of inspiration as a musician striving to make a living from
My passion; backed by personal experiences of course. I tend to get inspired by the weirdest
Things (occupational hazard) so let’s connect. I've also got a serious travel bug so I'll be doing
a bit of that too.

Weird Facts?

· Chicken is my obsession. Whether it’s deep-fried, chicken thighs, chicken pies or chicken fries, chicken will most likely be my demise. I love it so much I wrote a song about it titled “I Like Chicken” (You can find that on iTunes: SkillMusicSA :D).

· My first love is the piano (No, not chicken). Started playing when I was more or less a snot nose, 5 years old.

· While the piano is my kryptonite, I’m also verse in the art of Tuba playing. I was part of a brass band that traveled Europe call Gules Aquila.

· I have a Mechanical Engineering Degree and pay most of my bills with my “9-5” job as a test engineer at a ±85000 employee –strong German owned automotive design, manufacture and supplier company.

Last Thoughts…

Let’s connect! I’m excited and interested to be part of such a movement so let’s connect!

Until Next Time.

Skill aka SkillMusicSA

Oh ya, here's a pic!

SteemIt PIC.jpg

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Welcome to Steem Community @skillmusicsa! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Welcome to this awesome community how are you? What kind of music you play or genre that you sing?


Thank you! I'm good thanks, how are you doing? Really excited about steemit so that's a plus. On the piano I mainly play classical music and then I mix it with hip-hop. I'll post something tomorrow as an example.

Welcome aboard!


Much appreciated :D

Hello and welcome here from Germany! I wish I would own a company :D

German owned automotive design, manufacture and supplier company.


Hallo! I absolutely love your country. Bavaria in particular. Thanks for the welcome and also wish I owned the company.

Welcome :) joining the community was the first steps. Way to go...


Thank you! I'm glad I found it.

Yo man dope welcome to steemit looking forward on seeing you steem!


Thanks, feels good to be here.

Most wellcom
Best of luck

Welcome to steemit,trust me it is a community for positive curators like you and you will definitely enjoy the ride,you can follow me @donkelly


Thanks and I just followed.

😊welcome!follow me, good @solik

Hi, welcome to Steemit. If you want to learn something about Steemit, you can follow me.

welcome to steemit where all the interesting writing will be get the rewads