Hello Steemers, This is my "Who am I?" and "How I Met Your Steem? " post. I hope you really enjoy it.

Who Am I?

My name is Ümit Güngör. I'm a normal person because I'm an entrepreneur with a lot of bad attempts like everyone :) I like music, acting and technology very much. I'm playing acoustic guitar for ten years. Here is the proof from a concert :)

My education period was very funny. I was a social boy which takes part in lots of organizations. Also I acted in many theatres. If you want proof, check this picture.

I have a colorful personality all the time. We had a theatre club named "GEST". During a theatre organisation, our concept was "wearing black on upper body" and i think you can easily realize which one i am :)

By the way , I was studying "Physics" at university and i realized that i hate it. It was not my cup of tea and i decided to leave the university. After that day, it did not stop :) I will tell you my entrepreneurship adventures in later times.

How I Met Your Steem?

Once upon a time (about a week ago), i was hanging on YouTube and i saw that.


Normally, i jumped into it and i watched the video entirely. Thanks to @jerrybanfield, he is an amazing person. After that, i started a search about Steemit Community. As a result, I'm here. Because, i want to share my experiences and knowledge with people. I love helping someone to do something. As a small entrance...

Alcohol is Not Your Friend.


And Theatre is Not Your Friend, too :)


Have A Nice Day!
Don't Forget To Smile!!


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Awesome. Keep it up mate!!

Thanks for your resume buddy!! I will keep it up!!

lol really your picture describe that Alcohol is Not Your Friend.

This is absolutely true :)

Welcome to steemit, wish you have a great time here. I send you a small gifth through my fote.
Have a great day!

Thanks for your good wishes :)

Welcome to the steemit community from me @adimulyadi from indonesia, i hope what you share and post is available in this steemit paltfrom. do not be saturated to work through every input available and get paid according to your work. welcome my return best for you friend

Thank you my friend @adimulyadi

Welcome to Steem @simplify. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

Thanks for warm welcome :)

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Welcome to steemit . Great article , looking forward to see more of your work . I will be delighted to follow you

I will do it soon. Thanks for your comment :)

Ümit thank you for joining us here on Steem and letting us know how you discovered our community!

Thank you very much @jerrybanfield :)

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