Steemit got me from Machu Picchu to crypto!

Hey Steemers!!!

I'm Giuseppe, writing from Peru, a friend told me about it and I saw a HUGE opportunity for me and for everyone who is willing to share quality content and to participate. So, let me #introducemyself, since this is my first post.
As I already said, I'm Giuseppe, I'm living in Peru (more exactly in Lima) and I'm a translator. I speak Italian (I was born in Italy), Spanish (obviously) and English, as you can see. These are my three strongest languages. I also speak French, but I'm a bit rusty with it... :P

I'll use Steemit to share all sort of content, not just translation-related, anything interesting I'll find, I'll put it here for everyone to see and to join the conversation, but if you're interested in anything in particular, just let me know, I'm curious by nature, many friends of mine define me as a "walking encyclopedia" (a bit joking, a bit because annoyed by the fact I know a bit of all), so I'll write a bit about of everything!

I hope you can all be interested by my future posts and we can all grow together here on Steemit! If you have any suggestion for my next post, I'm all ears :)

See you here!

Image of Machu Picchu

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Estaría bien que apoyaras la escritura en español también, que aunque seamos pocos, muchos de habla hispana no entendemos inglés.


si se necesita mas precencia en espanol tambien. poco a poco tambien esta comunidad va a crecer aqui


@kirtash85 @artjedi Sí, de hecho prefiero escribir en español... solo quiero estar seguro que no esté en contra de las reglas :) Creo que se viene un post en español, en estos días (reglamento permitiendo) :)

I love Lima! One of my favourite cities in the world. Perfect weather all year around!

And Machu Pichu is quite something too.

Welcome! Look forward to seeing more from you :)


@liberosist Lima has got some very nice places to visit and many advantages, but the weather is one of the things I dislike the most :D
I really LOVED Machu Picchu instead... it does deserve the title of World Wonder!
Hope to see you around :)

Welcome to Steemit @sharingtheworld .
I think it's interesting that you know a bit about of everything. I can't wait to read more of your posts.


Hi @patrick-g, thanks for your welcome.
If you're interested in anything in particular, just let me know, I hope I'll be able to write about that :)

In the meanwhile, I've already written a new post:

Hope you enjoy it!

thank you for sharing the pictures love them. tambien que bueno que hay otras personas que usan otros ideomas en esta communidad


I have visited that place... it's marvelous! You should really go there! (si no es contra las reglas - debo averiguar - voy a hacer un post entero en español, uno de estos días!)


claro que no es contra las reglas #steemit es sobre la inclusion de todos. lookinh forward to the all spanish post friend


¡Maravilloso! Me parece que voy mejor en español que en inglés :) Echaré un vistazo al reglamento por si acaso, pero si es como dices... se vienen varios post en español :D

Great stuff, glad to have you a board