Nice mate :) So content discovery is working, isn't it? :)

It is indeed :D Now it is up to everyone to keep the high quality as much as possible and don't forget to support others. Some of them even if my Vote Power is down I go and leave a comment. People just have to click on the #bescouted and keep spreading the love :D

Even if your VP power is down you are still getting popularity points when users upvote you back that most probably will play a role in distribution of our SMT. In case you want to just promote images on BeScouted without spending your VP just disconnect temporally jsut to make sure to connect back later :)

Also when you are promoting/upvoting a photo of a user who is not on Steemit yet (you will see a steem icon on a photo when user is on steemit) you will not be spending your VP in that case.

Yeah I saw that. It is cool and easy to see who is on steemit and who is not. But i have been support both tyope of members. Because there are amazing pictures on Bescouted that are not on the blockchain. ❤

Those who are not on steemit now, soon will be, many of the members are waiting for steemit account approval, as now it is the only way to connect. We can not afford paying for account creation directly at the current stage. So start building your following on BeScouted as it's not long before all 11 000 current BeScouted members will be members of Steemit too.

I hope my works there worth people follow me eheheh 😉 been getting some votes there and I am so happy People are accepting me there.

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