Steemit is a brave new world and i'd love to be a part of it.

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So who am I. Introductions are tough for me but i'll give it a try anyway. On the surface i'm a techie, a nerd, fascinated and inspired by the crypto revolution, cypherpunks, crypto anarchism, distributed systems and all cutting edge and disruptive technologies. The promise of a better future through empowering tools inspires me. Having said that, i can still entertain the views that warn from technology. I like to hold the stick from the middle.I am a humanist at heart. I'm a loving husband and father and that defines me better these days despite my attempts at holding on to my individuality :-P. There is something about the power of love that changes ones view of themselves. In my free time, I like to step away from technology every now and then and ground myself with a bit of yoga, meditation, cycling or Tai Chi.

I'm also fairly interested in subjects such as philosophy, politics, logic, theology, psychology, education and most importantly how all the different spheres of knowledge interact to form and influence individual and group experience. I'm a bit of an activist for subjects i'm passionate about but i'm always happy and willing to listen to the other side. I attribute a lot of my growth to different debates and arguments with close friends and aquaintances.

I used to be a heavy facebook user but I've nearly stopped using it completely in the past year or so. I just got fed up with Zuckerburgs sharing algorithms, sensorship, and selling user data to generate profit through advertising. There is something deeply offputting about being viewed as a commodity rather than a community member. I believe steemit to be a formidable opponent and a good substitute for me and people like myself. I am looking forward to contributing to this amazing ecosystem and to getting to know all the wonderful people on here.


welcome to steemit

Thank you :D


Welcome to steemit @sentience! 👋

"There is something deeply offputting about being viewed as a commodity rather than a community member."

Well said, sir!

Thanks man. So do you play on steam as well ? :D what kind of games are you into?

I do, most of the games I have on steam are either racing games or FPS. But I usually play RTS games or MOBAs.

What RTS games do you play and recommend then? I can't say i've really gotten into MOBAs propely.

Ooo, philosophy, politics and a mutual hate for the Zuck? I can dig it. I just wrote a very long rant about Facebook, and I am happy to be getting rid of it. People keep saying that Steemit is going to be the next FB but I really hope that doesn't happen. I have grown accustomed to, and truly appreciate the higher levels of discussions that happen here compared to other social medias. It's so...different. Anyway, I look forward to your future posts! Welcome!

That's encouraging. Steemit is certainly unique in several technical areas. I am open to the idea that it also attracts different audiences to FB and other social medias. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll go check out your Zuck post now. Higher levels of discussion is certainly whats its all about.

Warm greetings and love :)

We have made a Discord group for newbs who are struggling, which may help you grow faster, click here for further details :)

That is very helpful. Thank you for the advice.

Hello there,friend!
Welcome to Steemit.I hope that you will have fun and enjoy this amazing platform.
Follow me if you want and I will follow you back.
By the way,if you follow me,upvote this comment to make me know that you follow .
Cheers ^_^

Thank you for the warm welcome. So what's the etiquete here like? should i be liking all comments to my posts or would that be counterproductive?

Well,If you reply you will gain experience I think,and that helps you.If I am wrong I am sorry.I am not on steemit for very long.

A good rule of thumb is to use your upvotes on posts that hold value to you or the community. It's also a good way to say thank you to a content creator.

Congratulations @sentience, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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Your looking great! Welcome. I like to post about life and photography, if your interested Hun, take a look. X from @diljeetdil

Thanks for the support and compliment. i'm taking a look already. :)

yeah, Facebook is sad

Looking forward to steemit taking over as the go to social platform in the future. Plausible or am i just a dreamer?

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Welcome, look forward to more of your content!

Hey man, I like your name. Could we talk about me maybe buying it from you? It's cool if not.

I'm active on Hive if you want to get in touch (I'll comment on your post there too) and I'm @enndsz if you want to DM me.

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