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RE: Every journey starts with the first step

Hello! You came to a great place to start a blog about conscious topics. I have found that there are a lot of supportive folks here that care about making the world a better place. There are a lot of folks here that care about peace and freedom. Welcome!

I have delegated some steem power from our community account @homesteaderscoop to you so that you can have some Resource Credits/mana while you are building your account. Enjoy!

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop


Thank you @sagescrub! I checked out @homesteaderscoop homepage and they've got beautiful things on there :)

I agree - and thank you! I am very proud of the new community marketplace that we are putting together - all of our vendors are so talented, hardworking and creative :)

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