Hello, all my friends. Good to be officially a part of this community!

in #introduceyourself3 years ago

Shout out to all my friends/classmates, especially my manager, @ted7, for bringing me here. This is an awesome online community I love to be part of.
I'm not really that new here. I've been consuming a lot of your great contents here. I love to read and there are tons of stuff here worth reading due to their entertainment value and educational content.

My main interests include education, entertainment and economics.
I haven't fully understood how things work here especially the rewards system. But the experience itself and the knowledge that I will be interacting with real, live and sensible human beings is a great reward in itself.

I'm currently working as a technical consultant in a telecommunications company. Been there for over five years now.
At the same time, I'm also taking up electronics engineering and I'm on my last semester of this course. The future never looked so exciting for me and it is best to share future great moments and milestones with your real friends.
I'm an introvert and usually shy around people but that doesn't mean I don't want to be around them.
I'm not that much of a sharer but I'm looking forward to creating meaningful friendships with as many people as I can.


Great opportunity to look forward this 2018, wishing you luck! Welcome to steemit.

Welcome aboard @sabo I am honored to have you here in Steemit. Have a great time buddy you may learn new great things here and earn as well by sharing your thoughts in a form of blog or by just engaging to your fellow Steemians.

Happy steeming buddy!

Your friend,


Welcome aboard I hope you enjoy this community and actively participate in it

For interesting posts about Music (videos), Travel, Technology and Aviation follow me @diogomen3 :)

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thqnks, man. sure will

Welcome in Steemit! Hope you would enjoy yourself here :)

thnks. i think i will.

Welcome aboard my friend!

welcome to #steemit community.
Looking forward for more posts.
God bless!

Welcome to steemit :'

Welcome @sabo! Happy steeming here in the platform!

welcome to steemit family.

Welcome to steemit @sabo! Looking forward to your upcoming post!

Welcome to Steemit @sabo. 😄 Hope you enjoy your stay here on Steemit. And just keep on going.

welcome @sabo. you’ll surely like it here. Another good reader! Yey! We actually share something in common. Hehehe.

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