A sailor on land – or how to not deliver a yacht. This is my Introduce Yourself

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Hey Steemers!

My name is Ric, Iam 36 years old and I am a German. Born 1982 in East-Germany I lived the youth of a socialistic kid as anyone else here. Located in the very east, Dresden is my birthplace. A town full of culture, theater, opera houses and art. Do not worry – I won’t tell my whole life’s story now but I think my birthplace directed me in a certain direction. Despite the fact that I stayed in offices for the longest time (13 years to be specific) I actually become a sailor in the past 4 years.


(you see the guy in the middle there? thats me =D)

My Story

I always had an artistic approach about life so I pained, did graffiti and DJ a lot in my years but in 2015 I discovered photography. A bunch of my friends kept telling me that I have a good eye for photography and so I tried it and felt in love. Usually when I start something I get quite obsessed with things and so I began to take landscape photos, predominantly sunsets (I am just no morning person) and began to love the silence of nature.

In the very same year, at the age of 33 I actually sailed for the first time in my life. My friends and I made a sailing trip to the Netherlands and I was so hocked. The fight with nature, the boats, the people working there, the Islands and that whole maritime life really appealed to me. 6 Months and a lot of sleepless nights later, I quitted my job, got rid of the apartment and almost everything in it and I moved to the Netherlands to work as a Maat / Deckhand.



In the very same time I did start my Instagram channel and till this day I managed to accumulate over 30000 followers. But admittingly, numbers don’t say anything about quality… so 30k or 30 people… at the end, it really does not make a difference for me since I love to go out and take photos. In other words, I do it for me, my inner peace and everybody who wants to participate is very welcome!

If I throw my self into something, I am passionately behind it.

Lets go sailing


2018 and 4 years later I sailed over 12000 sea miles (about 22000 km) and had life changing experiences. I sailed the small boats, the big boats and quite a bunch in between. From 55 meter 3 mast classical sailing vessels to yachts that where in the several hundreds of thousands of Euros. In the very same time I took a lot of photos and published a lot… Sailing continues in March 2018 and I can’t wait!

What to expect at steemit

Expect regular updates about where I am and a constant stream of great sea and landscape photos! Let’s sail together. Quitted Instagram, became a steemer :D As I do film quite a lot you will see some videos here and there!

If you love landscapes you want to follow this channel.

Me in “Burnham on Crouch” (a very small east UK town where I delivered a yacht)


My latest video:

(if there is no player click here:


thank you for reading - lets create some steem together!

p.s. thank you at @georgedonnelly for the tips!

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Hi Ric, welcome on steemit!

Glad to be here! Cheers 😊

Great pictures! Welcome to steem! Good luck!

thank you! :)))