HELLO! I am Cameron your in-house WCM

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I am new to steemit as of a few hours go, I am enjoying myself and look forward to being a part of this great community. I am doing my part by joining the tag. 

Little bit about me

I am 27 have a wife and a child (4 mo) and I am an anarcho capitalist. Oddly, I support Donald Trump in this upcoming election because I am anti-globalism in the sense of I hate the idea of NO SOVEREIGNTY.

I run a YT page called White Christian Male (WCM) with my best friend, yes - the name is intended to 'trigger' as many SJWs as possible. Though, I do have to admit it is true.. I am white.. and a Christian.. and maybe worst of all I am a MAN!! 

sorry 'bout the mansplaining

The channel is [hopefully] a good balance between reaction vidz and actually good solid info. I have a hard time saying no to doing a reaction video against racist black women but I am also determined to sort through and report all of the George Soros hacks. It's a new channel so subscribers, likes, views, comments all help us get it off the ground.

Things I am not:

I outlines a few things I am but how about the labels in the 'not' column?

  • R.B.M. - racist/bigot/misogynistic (though we should have a discussion about the 16th amendment)
  • Republican
  • Conservative
  • Liberal
  • Libertarian
  • Evangelical
  • one who gives too many fucks. Sorry Not sorry

Thanks for reading and consider follow at:

Steemit: steemit.com/@RealWCM

YouTube: www.youtube.com/RealWCM

Twitter: @RealWCM

Facebook: Facebook.com/RealWCM


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Welcome, I think I'm the first human to say that. Feel free to ignore the bots. I got a laugh out of your SJW comment. I'm not a guy, but I live in a college town, with a college teacher for a roommate and the SJW movement has grown exponentially. Look forward to your posts.

Self-verification is a wonderful thing. facebook.com Thanks for posting it, we're trying to be proactive on identity theft.


Right on, well glad to meet you. Thanks for your comment.

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Thank you !