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My name is Nahid Hossen Rajan, everyone calls me Rajan. I am not a good student in education, but there is always the interest to learn new things. As a human I am a lazy, more straightforward and indifferent nature, a man less than a self-confidence.
I do not imitate anyone and do not follow. I was looking for myself, trying to find myself. In a word I walk on my own path. Do whatever I want.
There are very few students who have not written a written life in school. Certainly, someone wants to be a doctor, engineer, businessman, judge, player, pilot and some teachers etc. To tell the truth, I did not write anything like that.
I used to memorize what seemed easy to memorize. And write that.
I love those who love me, too.
This is roughly me, I do not know much about myself. I'm trying to know myself completely .... !!


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Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

thanks for your reply. yeah i want to enjoy journey. please suggest me & help me

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Hello! @rajan019128 Welcome to this great platform of #steemit, your post is quite good because you wrote what you wanted to write and I love your simplicity. Maybe one day you will be able to find the real you, hope to see your upcoming posts soon. 😊

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Tai boila eto late korlen keno vaiya...?? introduction post to onek agei dea uchit silo.... Overall darun hoise.

deri hoye gelo, jai hok samne poth colte apnader help lagbe

welcome to steemit @rajan

many many thanks bro

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