Say a Prayer for my boy Steemians

in introduceyourself •  last year

I came across this huge lump on the left of my boy Thursday morning. This wasn't there the evening before. I rushed him to the vet occasions after I found this. Update: this is triggered by an infection. She has currently on antibiotics and resting to rid of this. The cancer testing came back negative. My personal boy is in pain is a sick puppy dog. Pray or send positive vibes to this special boy. He has recently been my mate for almost eight years now.

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hi, @petlover , thank you for following me in steemit...
good job


yeah thank u too, just resteem my posts

You're an angel. I hope you will be happy with your precious friend.
Thank you for follow me.
I upvote your post.
Have a nice day~:)


resteem as well thanks

a very useful post for me this is a new science for me


okay then follow and resteem it

good job bro keep on


thank you :)

Well done bro keep on...

Glad to hear it isn't cancer. Thinking good thoughts for your boy.


please paray and resteem it and spread it around

What a cute dog. :) I'm glad it wasn't cancer. Sounds like he'll be okay with lots of rest and love. :)

I hope he gets better soon... Lost my dog once it's horrible.

Oh, poor boy...I wish him to recover as soon as possible!


amen, please pray