Hi Steemit, my introduce - better late than never

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At the begging I'd like to say sorry for introducing myself so late,that's because I didn't know i should do it in my first post i was new and didn't understand how steemit is working.But now I though I need to Introduce myself

Hi, My name is Lucas and im From Poland I live on the suburbs of Lublin
Im 19 years old and i go to gastronomic school, Its my last Year and then I wish I could work abroad
I like cooking and I've got some plans to my future, I Want to open a small restaurant with Polish food on the Iceland
Im keen on travelling and my hobby is taking photos, Im trying to be a good photographer
I love animals, All with no excepts, but cats are my favorite(I have 2 cats).
I admire the beauty of evolution and adaptive skills

My next interest is technology,mostly phones and computers
Recently I've discovered cryptocurrencies, Steemit and blockchain
its completely new for me and im still trying to sort it out in my head, but it's quite hard
On steemit I've seen people making their own bots and program their own codes Im really impressed of skill level on steemit

My Photos below:

Im a godfather and this is my godson He is 5 years old



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Hello @peneterek

Welcome to steemit, I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community. Nice post! Wish you much luck! If any question, don't hesitate to contact me at any time :-) See you around.


Hi, Thanks for support I hope I'll have great time here.
I wish you had good day and amazing life
See you :D


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Hi @ma1neevent
Of course I agree, you can use all photos
Thanks for support.I will appriciate your help

Nice to meet you, Lucas! I think there is no strict rule when you have to introduce yourself so it’s all fine ;) Wow a reataurant in Iceland, best of luck, food lover! :) What is your national food?

I’m into motivation, psychology and healthy lifestyle in case you would like to visit my channel, VALUE guaranteed :)


Typical polish food is:
-Pork chop
-many different soups

And much more
you can check it out here :


Thanks for reply!


Salam alejkum

Welcome! I am very pleased to welcome you to a group as enriching as steemit. In this community you can find the tools to achieve your success ... I invite you to view my post. A hug.


Thanks for hug :D
Im gonna see your post

Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you are a cool guy.


Hey, Thanks bro