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What’s the first the question you face? when you meet someone new. Who are you? I think probably this is the question. To make a better communicate we use to introduce our-self. To establish a better relationship with others we need to express us to them.
Hello steemians , hope all of you are well and enjoying the great platform of steem blockchain. Today I am going to introduce myself.


Who is @paultarpan?

My name is Tarpan Paul, 23 years old man from Bangladesh. I live in a small town named Parbatipur, Dinajpur (district). There is a Railway Locomotive Colony in my town. My acomodation is there.

My apartment is on the top floor of the Building. There I live with my mom, dad and sister. My steemit Id is @paultarpan. I have joined on Steemit since October, 2017.

My job and education:

Basically, I am Electrical & Electronic Engineer. Graduated from University of Dhaka. At this moment I am not doing any type of job which define by the society. Which means according to the society I am a jobless person. Now I am learning piano and sketch Art.

Yea! It's me
These photos were taken when I was an trainee engineer at Rural Power Company Limited, Bangladesh. This shot was taken by Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

My Family

My family is a nuclear Family. I have a little Sister & other member are my mom and Dad. My father is a Mechanical Engineer and Mom is a School teacher. My Sister is a BBA student. Sorry I can’t share our family picture.

Tablet+ Battery.jpg

My pets Battery & TabletC2305

There are two other members in my family. They are My pets . I like to call them Tablet & Battery. They are always take a good pose when they see any camera. It's kinda cute. I don't know why after seeing them I always get a smile in my face even if my mode is off. My mind get refreshed when I see them. Sometimes I use to play with them.

It was a Straight drive shot
Sony Xperia C2305


I am passioned about to be a sportsman. It’s my dream. I like Soccer(football), I play cricket well. I am a batting and Fast medium bowling All-rounder in my team. If I get chance I will try my best to be a cricketer. Still now every day I spend 1.5 hours in playing cricket.

My hobby :

I had a weakness on taste food and may be this is the reason I like Cooking. When I get free time I try to do cooking. I can bake Cake, Fish fry, Chicken soup and some other depending on the moment of my taste which I wanted to eat. I am concern about my fitness. I don’t wanna end my with diabetics. So every morning, I burn calorie by skipping rope for 30 minutes & Cycling for 1 hour.

Tea and Cake bake by me
Sony Xperia C2305

The way I meet steemit:

Almost 2 years ago, maybe June/July I first came to know about a coin called bitcoin. At first I thought its an currency like others $ or euro. It astonished me when I see the price that a single bitcoin worth more than 2021$.

So I searched about it and found out that it's not liquid currency it’s an virtual currency which is called cryptocurrency. One-day I found an video on youtube about the Steemit. Two man Ned(@ned) and Dan(@theycallmedan) giving an interview about steemit.

A site where you get paid for posting. So, I was sharing this with my friends what is this steemit. Is it real or Scam? One of my friends @max1994 told me something about this. He told me his using it and get paid. So I ask him how did he use it. For a new user what I should do? So, he told me it’s like facebook. You just have to post and comment. But when I start to use it, it was not like that what he said. It’s a different platform than any other social site. It’s a place where you can show your skill, your talent, getting knowledge, make friends from different places all over world. You don't need anyone's help. You don't have to wait for permission like other freelancing website.

My steemit family:

Since I have joined on steemit, I use to share it with my friends and well-wishers. Some of them joined on steemit. They are @ied, @toufiqurrahman32,@mitchel55,@ @namdas, @tanzim, @schuvo, @erfan642 . All of them real close to me. My relationship between them and me like brotherhood.

My steemit verification photo

My Instragam Id is Tarpan Paul.There you can see my photos and my twitter id is T.Paul

My Interest and post

I am always curious about Technology. I am interested to know about new electronic device. What’s the new feature it going to give us. What I can do with it. One of my favourite quote is told by Steve Jobs

“Older people sit down and ask, 'What is it?' but the boy asks, 'What can I do with it?”.

Sometimes I use to use these quotes to my father to make fun and he smiles at me. I am interested in posting about technology and life related post.
Sometimes I like to take some photo by my smartphone and try to post them . I also like some art-sketch.

Image SourceSoftwarePhotography Device
Pixabay.comAdobe Photoshop CS6 (Move tool, Stop healing brash tool)Samsung Galaxy J7, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Sony Xperia C2305

Thanks to @sykochica, because her post help me to make this post lot easy. I think a new user can follow this post. Which would be very helpful for them.The post link ❓Answering Common Questions: I'm new to Steemit...now what? ❓


Great intro post @paultarpan, seems you are here a while a guess you know whats expected. Awesome to see you bring so many friends onboard. If any of them want to learn a little more about steem and get some free delegation so they can do more, please do tell them to check out my profile as I have started a weekly post about free delegation and training. the next post will be out on tue and I will be opening it up to all accounts with less than 500 sp delegation and I will be changing the age limit of the account in the next post


greetings from
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It's an great work. When newbes come to this site majority portion of them don't understand how to start here. Some of them got lose hope on steemit. I think your post will help them. I am going to share this post with my friends. Thanks for sharing.

awesome and well done on completing the course. Maybe your friends, @ied, @toufiqurrahman32,@mitchel55,@ @namdas, @tanzim, @schuvo, @erfan642 might also like to complete the course too. I will have a new post out tomorrow with the updated rules and I will be featuring you in it too @paultarpan

Sure I will share it with them.

I'm working with @paulag on helping newer Steem users. It looks like you are doing some good posts, but I would say you should not rely on the voting bots as much. Let real people support what you do. Over-use of the bots can be seen as abusing the system as you take rewards away from other people.

Keep Steeming.

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next time I will be aware of this. I never thought I will get as much as response.

Good to hear. It's always better to earn rewards than buy them.

Welcome to steemit @paultarpan😊😊😊I've joined your entry to @shikika Third Series of #shikika-giveaway: Week #13 if you want to know what it is all about you can visit it here https://steemit.com/shikika-giveaway/@shikika/third-series-of-shikika-giveaway-week-13-79f7655581894 and there you can also see your entry.😊 Again welcome to steemit😊

Welcome to Steemit @paultarpan! 😀 Enjoy your Steemit journey! 😀 Happy Steeming! 😀 Thanks to @flordecar26. You will receive a welcome gift soon. Bright blessings! 😀

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Thanks a lot. I appreciate the way you help the new comers.

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your welcome😊

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I am new too even though I signed up in 2017. I needed help to get up and running. Yesterday my son came over and helped me. I hope to get my introduction up this week. Thanks for the recommendation of @sykochica.

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You are welcome. I am waiting for your introduction post. Have any question feel free to ask . You can join our discord channel https://discord.gg/zjPjx2

Welcome to Steem! What a wonderful introduction post! We apreciate that very much. You were very open with us and we all just love that. One of the things you will like about the blockchain is that we all love food! Since you love to cook, you should look into the #fruitsandveggiesmonday tag that @plantstoplanks puts out.

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Welcome to the SteemIt Community.
Britt & Ren

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Thanks for inspiring me .Next I am going to post a cake baking video. And I am glad to join your discord server .

Oh that sounds wonderful!

Very informational and up front post indeed. You've got many wonderful pieces of not only family and life, but current plans and goals. Many people have given me help and inspiration in my time here. The most important things to me...

  • Be yourself
  • Focus on meeting others, through reply and heart felt interaction
  • Choose what information best suits you
  • Monitor your Steem power!

I think you are off to a wonderful start, and enjoyed talking with you today...

Hi @paultarpan. Welcome to steemit.

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Thank's @king-cobra

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Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at https://www.steemiandir.com I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Thanks. I will check the site

Welcome , you will thrive here because you have so many talents.

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Thanks a lot for inspiring me

Welcome to steemit @paultarpan

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Thanks . But I don't know much about the @drugwars game.
what's benefit of using @steemvotes and Partiko app.

Welcome to Steem. Partiko is the single best mobile app for steem made to date. Use it.

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Hello @paultarpan

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Thanks. I will check it

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Hi @paultarpan

You have been here for too long, maybe I don't have to welcome anymore :)

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Thanks .

Nice Post and welcome!

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Excellent intro post! 👌
Just feeling sleepy not a spam comment 😂
Keep up your good work 👍

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Thanks a lot.
There is an folk-verse.
"Early to bed , early to rise
makes an women👩‍ healthy , wealthy and wise."😊
good night.

a woman 🤔 What I hearda man
But it's ok, Let's not go into gender discrimination 👫
Good Night 🌜have a !rabbit🐇

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I modify it otherwise Cheatah could give me a flag🤣

Hello @paultarpan

This is Rosa. Welcome on board. As you can tell from my username, traveling is what brought me to Steemit. I am part of the Mentoring team on Steem to help newbies to get comfortable and can start using one of the Decentralized app effectively.

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Thanks Rosa.I will see it. whats the exchange rate of partiko point?

Right now it is 1000 Partiko points to $0.011. It is very quick to gather Partiko points and now you can claim 1000 Partiko points per day. Very EZ to do. Just started 2 days ago. Sign in through my link and I will show you the steps! I am an early adopter, so I get 2000 Partiko points / day. You are still early.

do i have to use it just on phone?

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thanks a lot. I would accept the challenge if the carnival fest celebrate in my country.

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