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Wow. First off, I just have to say hats off to you @carneasadafilms for such an outstanding, inspiring and entertaining introduction post! I most heartedly agree with @f3nix and many of the others here that you will, with no doubt, be rapidly rising to the top of the Steemit pile. I eagerly look forward to observing this process and will be very much enjoying reading all you have to offer. I've resteemed your intro and you've definitely gained another follower.

(You can feel free to stop reading now as I do tend to lean towards verbosity sometimes, but I still do wish to share some more of my thoughts on how much I enjoyed your intropost and even more so on the weird and wonderful series of clicks that led me to your post, because, at least for me, it truly represents some of what makes Steemit so astoundingly amazing and exciting! )

So to begin, again, your post and the parts of your life that you shared in it were truly inspiring to me, @carneasadafilms. One of the main reasons being how you've continually in your life taken the bull by the horns and just gone after everything that you've wanted in your life. This is something that I have struggled with in my own life. I have been blessed to have a mind that is constantly filled with ideas, inventions, stories, concepts, music and more. I literally sometimes have entire new songs or even concertos just pop into my head. Yet I have never learned how to put all this music down onto paper, or get it out of my head so others can hear it. I have numerous ideas for novels and stories brewing around and collecting dust on various scribbled notes. I've even written a children's book, about death, called "Butterfly Kisses" (and it’s pretty good! Apparently) that I still have yet to finish and Get Out There. I have easily over a hundred inventions and improvements to existing items that I've never done anything with, yet. I've even written (or, well, ok let's be honest here, half or partially written) a few screenplays. The list goes on. The worst part is though that I don't really have any idea why I haven't done anything about or gone anywhere with most of these gifts that have been given to me.

I mean, to be fair to myself, I have done many other things, I've helped and positively touched the lives of a lot of people. I have a great life myself. I've experienced an impressive and sometimes surprising amount of fantastic and fun things. (Which as I continue to gear up to share some of those stories here on Steemit, some people will hopefully get to hear about) I most recently have been raising a beautiful daughter, and I'm a pretty good Dad and a very proud Papa. Yet still, it is a truly sad and disappointing waste that so much of this potential that has been given to me has gone unused.

All that being said, however, I absolutely believe that anything and everything can change, at any time, and your intropost has inspired, and reminded me that anything can happen, especially if we just toss caution or fear to the wind and make it happen. So truly, @carneasadafils, Thank You from the fullness of my heart.

The second thing I wish to talk a little bit about further was, as I mentioned, the strange trail that led me to your post. I believe it all started with my wondering, as I have a few times before, how we can all help make Steemit even better, and bigger, which will of course only help us all. So this time I started thinking about celebrities, and I put that into the search bar, to see which, if any, celebrities are on Steemit presently. That led me to a most excellent post by @scipio titled: An Open Letter To @neilstrauss : Another Game. That article, of course, led me to @neilstrauss himself (!!) and from there, I was drawn to your intropost by Neil's Resteeming of it.

It wasn't the length of this journey which so impressed me, but rather how, all within the scope of a few minutes and clicks, I became aware of and was introduced to the works of a genius coder and huge Steemit enthusiast (@scipio I am talkin' bout you ;~), a world-famous author, and you, the writer of some of my most enjoyed movies in my younger years and a guy who has a treasure trove of Bukowski letters stored somewhere! That's he's willing and planning to share with us all!!

I mean, WOW indeed!! I truly Love Steemit and the amazing, eclectic and brilliant community of people that comprise it! And this is all not even yet mentioning all the other interesting people and blogs I've yet to explore and discover just by reading the comments here and on the other aforementioned blogs. Like for example @f3nix and the Steemit @greetersguild! I will definitely be checking that out pronto. It sounds awesome! I don't know who @curie is yet but they certainly sound like someone I should be looking into. @anaiscarolina03 certainly seems friendly and the Steem Schools Business Movement looks like it would be very helpful to a newbie like me (or you! Ha!) And much more.

Anyway, I think I've made my point(s). Steemit is Awesome!
If you have by any chance made it this far, I thank you and applaud you for your stamina, @carneasadafilms (and anyone else who may have stumbled upon and been dragged into the depths of this novel/comment!) I apologize for its length yet I am grateful for the platform for me to be able to write it.

I wish you, and all of us, the very best and, as I've said, I look very much to seeing what more is in store! For us all!



Hey, thanks for all the kind words. Definitely if you have so much creative energy popping you have to harness it. Following through is the hardest part, that's why they say writing is re-writing. I too used to have trouble finishing a project. For me it came from a feeling that it wouldn't be good enough. How can somebody criticize or judge me if I never finish the thing? It's perfect in my head. If I put it on paper, will I still think it's any good? The other factor was, if I spend time on THIS one, then I can't spend time on THAT one. I think the solution for both is the same. Take one of your projects to the end zone. The only way to get to the other ones is to finish the first one. Once that project is done, move on to the next BEFORE going back over the first one. If it's screenplays, finish the second one BEFORE rereading the first. You will learn so much writing the second that you'll be able to attack the first with new insights. Also, finishing doesn't have to be a finished product. Your script could be 60 pages, with blank spots, as long as it tells a full story. You can fill in the rest when you know more what you're doing.
I have kids too, and that's the best part of my dad. But you have to make use of those gifts. They are like muscles. They have to be developed through repeated use. The first thing you create will not be the best, so keep at it.
Thanks for the long note!

Ah man! My apologies for the late reply, Rich! I could've sworn I already replied to this. As I've said, I'm still figuring my way around here too.

I very much appreciate your reply and great advice. You're absolutely right about all of it. I will be taking heed of your words, and hey, who knows, maybe you'll be sitting in a theater watching my movie some day 😎

Wishing ya all the best brother and I look forward to seeing what else you have to offer here. Feel free to follow me if you like, but regardless I'll be around.



This is a great pep talk @carneasadafilms.
I love your story. Thanks for sharing it.

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