Enjoying Wines of the World

Hi Steemers,
I was introduced to your community by a good friend who has been with Steemit for quite some time, & was instantly taken by the platform for sharing ideas & information.
With @oenophile, my aim is to provide insight into wines/wine regions/wine people of the world, digging a bit deeper into the story behind a wine/region/person rather than just reporting on the wine/region/person itself.
I have been involved in the wine industry for near 20 years, during that time I have worked in countries such as Chile, Portugal, Italy, Australia & New Zealand.
My formative drinking years were experienced in the UK so please excuse my bent for European wines (though sadly I cannot afford many these days).
Occasionally I may skip off topic & comment on other areas of global interest (politics, climate etc).
Good to be aboard, hopefully I can provide some entertaining comment and interesting wines for you to then try.

PS: This is a re-post using the correct tag.


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I will try to answer as much as possible.Good luck with your trip in this communitas, the best combination with all your friends is no exception, and 100% upvote to your friends as much as possible, and vice versa
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thank you

Welcome to Steemit @Oenophile!! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @mekong

Nice, a new Steemian, more or less ^^ Hi @Oenophile I hope you have fun here. don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @chrisx

Welcome to Steem @oenophile I have upvoted and sent you a tip. Check my blogs if you are looking for tips on how to earn more Steem and SBD.

Thanks @earncrypto, have read your blog & useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to the community @oenophile can't wait to see what you have to offer here. It sounds so interesting.

Good luck! I hope your blog is successful. Please consider checking out minnowsupportproject.com and @minnowsupport. It is a great community of individuals that will help you get started and can answer all of your questions.

Thanks @sepracore. Will check out your project.

nice to meet you and welcome to Steemit. what a wonderful place to meet you.
hope you enjoy it and love it.

hey @oenophile, welcome to Steemit! Enjoy your journey on Steemit! You're going​ to love it here :) follow and upvote @lank

Hello @oenophile. Welcome to Steemit. I am David. I wish you have a happy journey here.

Welcome to Steemit oenophile.

Welcome oenophile to Steemit.

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