Hello Steemit! My name is Nastya, I am a model and dancer. Nice to meet you ^ ^

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Hi everyone! I welcome you on my first post on Steemit.

My name is Nastya, I'am 23 and I work as a professional model and dancer. Right now I live on Moscow. I speak three languages – russian, english and ukrainian. 

I am new to Steemit but i really loved the idea when a friend told me about it. That's why I thought and decided to give it a shot and start my own blog. And first off all i want to introduce myself and share whith you my hobbys. So let's get started.

I love travel around the world, see different cultures and people. But my favorite places are where the ocean is) I love go to the beach, listen to waves and read a book.  

One of my passions is fashion and sport. That's why I chosed to be a model. I like wearing new dresses and show my body. Not everyone understand it but it's a hard work to keep your body in tonus. I hope you will appreciate it watching my photos ^ ^ 


I adore dancing, partys and music. My favorite music styles are pop, techno, r'n'b. So you can often find me dancing in different clubs in Moscow every weekend ;)  

On Steemit I will blog and post my new photos) Hope you will enjoy them boys ;) 

It's my first blog ever so I really hope that you will like it) 

Thanks for reading. Kiss) 

Follow me on Steemit.

Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nastyaluxury/

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Welcome! ;)

your a dude

Can we see some verification photo here please?

Im sure everyone would be glad you making it,because the amount of fake users here is just incredible :)

Fakes are everywhere) we just need to get used to them and not pay attention) follow my instagram) https://www.instagram.com/nastyaluxury/

There is still no verification you are using steemit in any way, neither on instagram nor on the other pages you linked. This could very well be someone pretending to be the girl they've posted the pics about. Read this if you want to know how to verify your account properly:

as acidyo said,you are not verified.
I bet you are not the person that you have showed us on photos.

Oh i see) So i need to make a photo with a list of paper? Very strange method of verification that can be easily fake as well because everyone knows how to use photoshop. But ok, i'll do it for all of you later after the party) Then i don't understand why Facebook is used here if you need to make such photos to prove "you a real")

Welcome to steemit! :)

Hi Nastya, welcome to Steemit ! You are very beautiful !
May I kiss you!!!

So tits and ass really do get plenty of votes here in Steemit. I rest my case.

Please show some verification photo becouse we have too many fake users here.

Follow me on Instagram) If you think that i'm fake)

You know that pasting some instagram link won't mean you are not fake?


Welcome to Steemit! I'm following you follow me back!

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удачи лохов побагаче

Welcome to Steemit

welcome to steemit. Beautiful photos nastyaluxury. Greetings!

Welcome to Steemit! You're gorgeous. :)

What type of dance are you into?

You are very beautiful. I give you a flower

Welcome to Steemit!

Niceee ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

What does your leg tattoo say?

(my upboat is pending your verification photo. you're so hot that you're very likely to be fake.)

Хорошая Настя )))


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"True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

lol soo fake... Incredible how Steemite only attract hot girls! ;)

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