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RE: Psychedelics: The Key to Escaping the Pharmaceutical Industry Trap

Hi! Nice that your joining Steemit! And I love your intentions :) Great user name! Following if course :) you are living proof of how medicine should be and I hope that criminal pharma company's burn!! That's really an eye opener the amount of pills there in your pic. What are your favorites strains that replace these pills? And are you growing where you are?


I switch out strains often. However! Space Queen is like and ADHD medication, except toned to a mellowed, gentler, flow of awareness. I was really digging Blueberry last week. It depends on what the nearest dispensary has.

Growing in Arizona seems to have some lesser known issues than I had realized, after talking to a friend yesterday. The law states if you are a certain amount of miles from a dispensary, you can grow 12 plants with the Medical Marijuana card. The catch here, per what I was told by my friend, was that there is a mobile unit(s?) that drive all over the state. So no one can really, safely grow their own cannabis in this state. If that information is wrong-I do apologize!

Cool its good to know for the future as to what strains people are finding good uses for. Does anybody really still care so much about if its legal to grow weed or not?! You just don't tell anybody that your growing it :)

I would, except...ya know...civil forfeiture. Yay! Government keeping me safe from...affordable medicine!
And then proceeding to steal from me and my Tribe, after they kindly have removed me from the civilian population to rehabilitate me back into society as they see fit? Nah, ain't no body got time fo dat.

I need to be able to tell people what I've gone through. I need to show people there are still chances for connection, and love and growth. You have to leave Babylon/Matrix to see it I think. :)

It is unfortunate though. Just another reason to keep keeping on.

Oh yes,i left society around 8 years ago and have a better perspective since ;) following you and resteeming to spread awareness 😀