Humanity IS IN SEARCH! Introducing Myself Now, Your Turn Will Come SOON!

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Greetings to the influential community of SteemIt!

Yesterday I heard about SteemIt for the first time. Today I decided to give a kick off to a project of mine that I've been planning for years now!

Humanity is in search. Always have been! Pursuit of happiness, chasing money, hustling, traveling, spiritual journey, using psychedelic drugs, religion you name it, all kind of "searches". I myself have been searching for a long long time too. And that's what this blog is all about. A perspective.

Search (1).png

Why now, why here?

I decided to write a long time ago and have been writing for a year now. Never posted them though. It just seems to me that mainstream social media is filled with superficial "life coaching" pages and personalities that are telling people what they are suppose to do in order to be happy, wealthy, successful, sexy, apha (ironically) etc... So I just kept writing on text files and waiting for the right moment if there is such a thing. Also I already knew about the cryptocurrency movement and I believe cryptocurrency will have a huge role in the inevitable change of the world. So, to me starting to share my ideas on a platform that built around this new technology seemed just right!

What I am gonna write about, what is my aim?

Human nature, philosophy, love, fitness, political theories, ethics, book reviews, psychology and every other thing that i have something to say about. I will start from the very basic concepts. Don't get me wrong here, i am not an expert on non of those! I am a software engineer actually. But how can i not think about those subjects. Those are in the very core of the life. And from the very core of my heart I want to learn more, share more and feel more! And many things just feel so wrong! And that just takes us to my aim. My aim is to create a community. I believe my blog will resonate with people. Eventually, there will be a community in a search for making things right. And of course it's important for me to state from the very beginning, your comments and thought are very important!

Ps: I am not here to promote any specific ideology or religion. Rightfully after all this introduction you are still clueless. If you are interested please keep following and comment.

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