A curious dane joins Steem! -Are there others like me?

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Hello Steemit community, and thanks to everyone who made this possible. I found out about steem some 2 months ago, and I have been inspired to join since. Steemit seems like a great platform for all kinds of information sharing. Of course there is also the fact that it supports the blockchain, which I would say is a plus basically by default.
I'm a guy, 22 years old, and I am basically interested in anything that is relevant to anything that has meaning.
Fun has meaning, joy has meaning, sorrow has meaning, fear has meaning, love has mening. Sights have meaning. Sounds have meaning, touches and connections have meaning.
The less I press, the more I rest.
My "journey" started halfway through my 18th year. That winter, my whole world changed.
During those dark days, all sunlight hours were halfheartedly spent inside a prison called high school.
Dark every single day when my alarm rang and I forced myself out of necessity, to take a shower, eat, get clothed, check up on homework, then walk to the bus and spend 1 hour inside it with the other prisoners on their way, each one of who had forced themselves out of their comfortable nest at the demand of a machine, just like myself.
One day leading up to those times, my brother had told me of a thing called "astral projection".
I google'd and youtube'd it and it blew my head off.
Wait WHAT!? Something like this actually exists? I could not understand with the amount of scientific information (try looking up the CIA and "Remote Viewing") and pretty much endless personal accounts, how this was not making primetime news.

I told my parents, and my father basically didn't have anything to say. The idea was foreign, and I sensed a subtle fear coming from him. On surface level he was afraid that i actually believed it, on the deep level he was afraid it was actually true. My mother would talk a few sentences about it, but apperantly the prospect of flying around the universe in her own body was not worth actually considering. At all. Even though she didn't say it, I sensed that she felt odd and in fact unsettled, that i was interested in a thing like that.

When i first found out that there was an "alternative" view on reality, a possibility for reality to be something else, even more than what my culture taught, I started researching all kinds of stuff on the internet.
I was a kid, with the knowledge of the world at my fingertips.
Young and curious, I used the internet every day and night to piece together a more and more full perception of reality.
Soon i realized that my dreadful routine of forcing myself to go to prison, and to do what they say, and learn what they want me to, was totally unnecessary for my well being.
In fact, it was detrimental.
I realized that i was actually gaining more knowledge about the world, reality, and how to live, by simply observing my surroindings, reading and watching on the internet, and in reflecting upon my own situation and the information i encountered.
The one hour depression ride in the semi-lit bus home at dark 4pm, which would usually serve me 60 solid minutes of guaranteed misery; dreading in the fact that no one makes any sense and that no nobody actually really cares what's real, transformed into an ever more interesting and satisfying deep contemplation of my existence, and sometimes i would just watch other people from outside their boxes, feeling satisfied that I finally started to make sense of myself and of the world (and eventually I also realized that those are of course two sides of the same coin).
For every principle i learned, it was ever more obvious that most people are not on the path of learning the truth. They are on the path of learning how other people prefer them to behave, and a big part of their life energy will be spent painfully attempting to confine their thoughts and actions to fit within the arbitrary boundaries they have been conditioned to respect.

I realized that people are able to substitute their most immediate experience in favor of a cultural make-believe-reality. I realized that I was doing it before, and that everybody else i knew were still doing that.

In order to fit in, to get along, to move forward in the system, to get liked, to get included, to not feel like they are facing the world alone.
Most people compromise themselves for the approvel of others, but that is a fallacy of action and logic.
If you get approved of because you put on a compromised version of yourself, do you then really get approved of? In other words, what's someone's approval worth to you, if its not even you they approve of?
This principle gave me freedom. At the same time it was a bit shocking to realize, that basically everyone else i knew, were spending the time of their life on an endaevour as boring as that.
This is why freedom is urgently needed in our time.

Well I do not want this article to get too long since it's my first one, and I hope that the #Steem community will provide some useful feedback on it for further, developmental use. I am naturally very interested if someone else has had an experience like this, please let me know as much as you are willing to give :)
I also just want to mention that I "converted" to voluntaryism/anarchism, and i know that everyone would be better off if each of us governed ourselves with full responsibility. This has to be one of the most influential principles I have learned, that slavery is ALWAYS bad. (well, better late than never I guess!)

Thank you for your kind attention.

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Nice to meet you, @morganhey! Welcome to Steemit!

hello @morganhey
Welcome to join steemit community hopefully day you feel happy with this decentralized social media platform.

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Wow this is really a great article. I like the way you think.

In relation to astral projection you'll probably like the books by Robert Monroe. I think the first one was titled "Journey's Out of the Body". It was written many years ago, before many people actually had interest, or knew, or talked about such things.

Excellent meeting you!

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you. :-)

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)

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Thank you very much! I never got through with astral projection myself, as the topic sparked my interest in all sorts of other stuff as well, i just generally got interested, u know ;)
One day I will definitely try it again, I know i can because I was so close so doing it several times.
Nice to meet you and i am definetely following, I read 4 of your poems and they actually match my style of thinking in a lot of cases haha :D

You're very welcome. :-)
Thank you for your reply and your very excellent comment! :-)
Wishing you happiness, smiles, sweet dreams and sunshine! :-)

Hello, you are welcome to steemit!!! I give you upvote now and in the furtureu.gif

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