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Hi everyone! My name is Mike. I'm a 33 year old single male from Queens, New York and I sling coffee at 5:00 in the morning.

Seems average right? Well not exactly. You see I may live an average life, working an average job, but I do not think like the public. The public mindset is usually docile and comfortable living in a "rinse and repeat" cycle. They are just happy getting up, washing up, eating up, commuting, working, commuting again, eating again, watching TV, washing up again, sleeping and then doing the same thing all over again.

Then once the work week is done, most people use the weekends to go out, party, get drunk, and get laid on Saturdays just so they can go to a church to "repent" for it on Sundays, thinking that God will forgive them by Monday, so they can continue chasing first place in the never ending rat race.

The public mindset will tell the independent thinker that they should fall in line and run the rat race and do it with a smile. And if you don't, you're weird! You're a troublemaker! You're a domestic terrorist!

Oh no! I can't be like that!

See the problem is I like thinking for myself. Aren't all men endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights? Rights that are never to be taken away? That seems to be quickly going out of style in 2017, and the future is not looking good for the old establishment of things.

First a little bit more info about myself.

It was in 2010 when I came to the conclusion that the subjects known as "conspiracy theories" could very well be conspiracy facts. So instead of paying attention to the overpaid robot on the idiot box telling me what to think about the world, I set my sights on alternative means of information.

My starting point was Alex Jones. Now this is a bittersweet experience. BITTER for how much fear it put in me. SWEET for at least confirming what I already knew:

YOU CAN'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT! (unless they say that they are going to kill you or take your money)

Now after learning what I did from Alex Jones, I figured people had to know about this and be on alert. One problem:

Everyone thought I was nuts.

Now if you are reading this and you are aware or even semi-aware of what is happening in the world you are probably thinking what I was and have been thinking for the last seven years:



Whether you choose to believe it or not, this world is ruled by psychopaths! Day by day that is becoming clear. The days of saying that something like this isn't possible are over. If you are not able to face this reality then it is for one of two reasons:

(1) You are extremely incapable of common sense and objective reality.
(2) You are aware and are doing nothing of apathy or because you're just straight up evil.

Now hang on because the reason for this post, and the reason for joining Steemit is because I do want to be the change in the world that I want to see.

The establishment is collapsing and to many it seems like the end of the world. Yes it's true. The old world order is imploding. But out of times like this, new chapters began and people thrived. And this is what my new Steemit page will focus on.

My page will not focus on just one topic. The purpose is to bring a melting pot of alternative and unorthodox ideas to your consciousness and the consciousness of anyone who actively reads and participates. The topics that I choose to present will symbolize puzzle pieces that will fit together in place and help you see and big picture so that you can apply these ideas to your daily life.

Now besides creating content on Steemit, I also am part owner of an independent record label that I started this year. I also produce my own music and I also am part owner of an independent clothing line. For more info, feel free to visit

Now you many have noticed the numerous times I have used the word 'independent'. And people better get very friendly with that word. Like BEST friendly.

Although I still work a regular job at the moment, I have begun to take the reigns as director, writer, and star of my own script. What I mean by this is that I basically got tired or being sick and tired. I wanted to find freedom in an unfree world. This meant that I had to expand my options.

I have always enjoyed listening to music. I learned to play the piano at 5, the guitar at 9, and the drums at 13. What I didn't understand at that time was this was all leading to something down the line. A realization about myself that I would just ignore.

It wasn't until this year that I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity and so I took and risk, invested some money with a good friend to start an Limited Liability Company (LLC), and initiated the beginning stages of having my own record label.

What made this even better is that this didn't just stop at a record label. It developed into an Apparel and Custom Made Clothing Design Company as well. I'm also in the beginning stages of developing a community-based cryptocurrency for the company. My point is that by taking a risk, something big was developing that has the potential to change my life in ways that I couldn't realistically imagine two to three years ago.

Now to answer the question that most likely popped into your head when you read the title:


To answer that question, I should explain what 432 is.

432 Hz is the frequency that all create all my music with. I did some research on sound frequencies in music. Allegedly, musicians such as Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley created their music with 432Hz frequency. This is labeled as a healing frequency and has the ability to calm you down, alleviate stress, slow down or stop excessive mental chatter, and even used as a study aid.

Now you may or may not know, but at present moment, all music is at a standard tuning of 440Hz. Allegedly, the psychopathic elite who controls things in this world mandated that all music be tuned to this frequency. Unlike the 432Hz, the 440Hz frequency is very distorted, absorbs negative frequencies leading people to feel fear, stress, and worry.

Even if you think this sounds ridiculous, think about it like this:

If a parasitic elite bent on control had knowledge of how to manipulate a population through manipulating frequencies in music in order for them to attract negative frequencies, always keeping them in a low vibration (fearful, angry), do you think they would hesitate to take advantage of that opportunity. Of course not!

So I tested out the two different frequencies for myself. Even before being consciously aware of sound frequencies I have to admit that sometimes after listening to a lot of the music on the radio, I felt drained like as if I was being hollowed of my energy. So of course after hearing about how the international standard tuning was 440Hz, I started to have a clue as to what the cause was.

Now for three days straight I listened to nothing but music in the 432Hz frequency. I even went as far as using Audacity to convert all the current music I had into the 432Hz frequency. I noticed a change. My mind was clearer. I was having less worry. Less fear. More energy. That's when I had my breakthrough!

What better way to counteract the negative energy caused by the 440Hz frequency then by creating music in the 432Hz frequency in order to bring about a calm and clear headed effect to those who listen. A perfect way to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

Now that you know the significance of 432, let me tell you about The 432 Life.

The 432 Life is about living life within the flow of the Universe and living by the laws of nature. As time goes on I become more and more aware of just how much of a stage the world is. When we focus on the world stage too much it becomes the reality we create for ourselves (and this is on an individual and collective level). When we put too much belief into the world stage, we look to the world stage to help us. This is why the elite gain a lot of use out of Problem-Reaction-Solution.

The 432 Life starts to become less and less about living by society's standards and living more and more on your terms. At the end of the day, you are 100% responsible for your life. If you look to someone on the world stage to tell you what to do, you are basically giving your power away to someone else. This is what the elite thrives on. Keeping you enslaved mentally and spiritually more than just physically. It has been done for thousands of years. But thanks to the Information Age, the tide is turning.

In the day and age of technology, the common man has the opportunity to change his life. But in order to do that, HE MUST CHANGE HIS MIND. He must deprogram the programming he received throughout his life and then reprogram his own mind so that he can think for himself.

He must also remember that his brain is a transmitter of frequencies. And if you attract the right frequency, you can attract exactly what you want. The goal of the 432 Life and the 432Hz frequency is to bring those who listen to the right frequency. A frequency of healing. A higher frequency.

Now I don't just want you to roll over and take my word for it. Always remember:


Welcome to The 432 Life!

Mike Somersall


Welcome to Steemit! It's good time to start create Steemit better :)

I couldn't agree more. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to creating some great and informative content.

Hello dear, welcome. Hope you succeed. I'll follow your page. Hope you can follow me

Thank you @rezanorozi. I will definitely make sure to follow you.

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