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Hi steemit! I'm Miguel Manzano, I am a poem artist, spoken word poetry artist, song writer, and bassist of RUM band.

I believe that art is a divine intervention to us, it has been practice long ago before clock to measure time is invented.

In my own words, Poem is a word play use to give meaning to the one sided meaning of words, to give ambuigity with aesthetic, to have a pattern of words with multi-layered meaning

I've been performing in the big stages and events about art! IMG_20171029_164702_827.jpg

I am a proud member of Papersoul, a group that advocates art as well and showcase the talent of those who want to join. Its forte is Spoken word poetry and Music.


There is something in my heart that burns everytime I create an output, where my smiles are being cast and tears are sometimes falling because of the sarisfaction I get whenever I'm creating an art or poem.


I am fond in writing poems to express my views, opinion, fantasy and colorful personality. I write what I want that is rotating aroung my head. I need to release it through rhymes and meter and aesthetics.

I play words in writing and express it through sharing the art, I want to learn and to teach more about different kinds of art.

Hope the community love my writing art as much as I did. I expect this community will help me improve my talent and provide my art satisfaction. As a counterpart of that, I will produce great poems that will touch the heart of everyone and make them smile.


Miguel Manzano

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Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

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Thank you for that @reseller, I'll promise to post quality post every time.

Welcome to Steem @migsanity.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!


if you haven't already, looks into DSound.audio
I look forward to listening to your sound.
welcome to steemit!

welcome to steemit friend.Want to see more posts on future.Good luck @rdnblogs

welcome to steemit family

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hi @migsanity .. It was indeed my pleasure to read your post.. You are an artist and steemit community welcomes artists with open arms and warm heart ☺️ welcome to the community bro.. please follow me if you can.. also read the post mentioned below.. I have jotted down some tips for new comers ☺️ cheers !!

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Thank you for welcoming me. I appreciate it bro! Having a community to look upon your art doings is great. This platform will help me improve my art and discipline.


I really hope so bro.. all the best..do reach out to me if you have some question regarding this platform.. I am also new here and joined last month, I can share my experience with you

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Welcome to Steem, @migsanity!

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Welcome to Steemit, Miguel!

I hope you'll have a great time here! :)

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Welcome to Steemit migsanity. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem or anything related to it! The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information https://steemit.com/faq.html - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. We also have DTube - our very own Youtube, DSound for Soundcloud and Steepshot if you prefer Instagram like experience. I'd also like to mention ChainBB - forums, Busy - Steemit with more modern look basically, DMania for memes and Dlive for streaming just like in Twitch! You can also earn Steem by gaming now! Search for Steemgar if that's more your thing. Welcome to the blockchain! :)


Thank you very much! I will make sure that I will use the full extent of steemits features and be part of the blockchain.

Welcome to the Steemit World! 🌏

Join groups & communities so you'll meet new friends and get support when you need it. Its great you used the steemph tag. We're a very active Filipino community here in Steemit. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Happy Steeming! 👍

Hey migsanity. Welcome to Steemit, nice to have you here. If your interested in learning about blockchain/tech follow my work.

Welcome on Steemit @migsanity...
Enjoy your word

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