Introducing Svetlana from Saint Petersburg Russia

Svet is an economist who dreams of studying to be an international accountant. She has been interested in crypto for one year and works for a medium sized software company.

I have had the honour of knowing Svet for 8 years and would very much like to see her on steemit. Having a PHD in economics I feel she could be a very valuable adviser for the community having a wealth of experience in taxation and contracts. I'm very proud of how hard Svet works bringing up two children and working from 9am to 7pm each day travelling over one and a half hours to and from work.

Her qualities are she is super smart, speaks both English and Russian and has been learning what I know about the blockchain.

If anybody can help me persuade her to join steemit it would be brilliant, please upvote or pass on some steem if you can, I think she deserves a chance to achieve her dream and become a qualified accountant. It would be great to see her helping people in crypto.
Thank you!



lovely dear @matthewshaw



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