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RE: Hi Steemit! The Coolest Crypto Girl is now here!

Hey, welcome to Steemit!

That's quite a resume! Some of the best known steemers do well in the crypto space. I'm a freelance writer, for the past ten years and came here to share my fiction. if you haven't yet, you should check out Dsound, it's a music platform on the steem blockchain.

**I'm @markrmorrisjr, I work with a lot of new users. If you haven't yet you're probably going to be dealing with some bandwidth issues. I just wrote an article on how to overcome it herefollow me and @dolphinschool for lots of free training on how to get started!


Hi, @markrmorisjr! Thank you for the introduction to Dsound :) I did check it out, although it might take some time for me to actually understand what that's all about! Lol.

I will definitely check out your account. Thank you for being helpful to the newbies.

Absolutely. Make sure you follow me on @dolphinschool, I do contests on both regularly as well, but @dolphinschool is all steemit training.