my daughter my strength to get ahead in venezuela

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We all live our own calamities, each one of us lives or has experienced adverse and difficult situations, but we all have infinite resources to get out of them. We all have internal strengths for example my daughter is my strength to get ahead. We are much more capable than we think or suspect we are. Adversities serve to remind us of what we are made of. only that everyone chooses how to respond: you have the freedom to choose your here in Venezuela Some laugh, others cry. Some were optimistic, others were defeatists. Some lived, others died. I decide to live and be happy

good night friends

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Thank you @mariljuna for such a good intro. You speak a lot of truth. And much like you I have 2 daughters that inspire me to live and be happy :)

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boa noite, gostei do seu post. como voce disse, todos nos temos nossas proprias calamidades e voce nao mentiu, gostei do conteudo, ja segui voce e dei meu voto.

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Cute baby.

Una vaina loca la que vivimos... Espero que todas sus metas y proyectos se logren!.. Bendiciones

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hello thanks you very much