Introduce Yourself - Hey I'm Aimee Jay, betcha we'd vibe pretty well!

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Thanks for viewing Steemit-Fam-Jam!
This post will mark approximately 2 weeks on this content site and it’s addictive and fun. Here is a bit about me and what I do. Hope you mention a bit about yourself below. Vroom let’s do this!

So first off, I’m super silly, protesting growing up at every chance and I’m still building forts in the living room at age 30. I work in insurance, play a lot of music in front of all kinds of people and make funky things with my hands. Let’s chat about that right now. Check it out!
Hmm... seems the image links are giving me trouble. Check back soon!

Plugs aren’t for everyone but I simply love to make them. I am branching into other jewelry and goods this year which is exciting for me. Sometimes mean customers get me down but all it takes is a digital or real life pat on the back to get back in motion. It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing product in the world. Someone will be unhappy so take a deep breath! Check out Mantablast on Etsy if you like. I put new things up frequently.

Onto music, I really dig playing and performing. I used to be fixated on aiming for the bigger bucks until one day I saw a man with cerebral palsy jump up, toss his crutches and spring into dance to our music. If was then that I discovered my “why”.

I want to play to make smiles, laughs and energy of the good nature. Here is a track a friend and I wrote about harmful symptoms and effects of anxiety. Although I’m quite the jokester usually, there are some very serious moments of emotion, tears and growth along the way

There are a couple groups I jam with and right now it’s mostly celtic. A fun pub band called Shananigans and a boomy celtic orchestra called The American Rogues. So much fun wherever the night leads…

As for Steemit, I haven’t been here long but here are some of my suggestions for those looking to grow content:

  1. Actually read and care about the content
  2. Be generous with comments, follows and upvotes for the things you like
  3. Make friends and actually care about their success too
  4. Grow organically. Don’t invest everything in bots and u4u’s and f4f’s
  5. Captivate! Post in depth, great content that helps people. No lazy posts
  6. Create a good, readable, notable username. Good = @bigpanda, Not so good = elf45xx1c55b

Thanks for checking out this newbie! I’d love to hear from ya, truly, and expect a reply guys’n gals.
If you want to stay tuned, follow @Mantablast

Stay safe.

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Upvoted girl, welcome to steemit platform. Continue creating music and making people happy I know you feel rewarded the moment you do that. Wishing you the best of luck and enjoy! =)

Thank you very much!

amazing! welcome lml :D salut from south america

Haha, as the saying goes, growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional. Good to see you still indulge your inner child. I'm not sure what a plug is but they look really good! Also, a celtic orchestra sounds dope. Gonna go check that out. Welcome to steemit, I'm sure you'll find your tribe here.

Welcome to the Steem World! Seems like you are doing just fine but here is my welcome message anyway:
I have recently made an orientation video that will help you in your journey here - and will hopefully answer all the questions that took me months to figure out.
I wish you all the best here on Steem!

Woo! I'll check it out.

Hey there... so I tried to comment on the video but it simply wasn't allowing me to so here it is:
In terms of writing music or stories, if we post here, do we still 100% own what we post? I'm a little bit hesitant about posting because of that.

Own as in? Copyright? Or like Facebook where they technically own it all.
I cant answer definitive but I think copyright - no, of course, you would have to file that, however it is a great way to unoficcialy claim it as the blockchain is basically untamperable..
Second scenario, I dont think so and I have never seen anything in the terms of service that refers to owning ANYTHING on the steem BLOCKCHAIN - the blockchain is sort of an unleashed beast - its not like a server that facebook has the keys to... good question though I will research it more...

Thank you for the info :)

Welcome to steemit, would love to see your work :)

Stay passionate, stay blessed !

Amen to that and thanks for the welcome!

welcome to steem hope you ll enjoy here & you re doing a great job keep it up

Thank you very much! It's pretty cozy so far..

Love building forts!!! Welcome to the community and I look forward to reading your content!

I hope to see pics of your forts! Hehe :)

you sound fun... i love drumming and celtic music. I did a post on it about a month ago.

well...welcome to steemit @mantablast ... we need all the thumpers we can get!

This is what I'm talkin' about !! Thor is awesome. Making those drums are tricky.


Wow, great post, pics, and music! \m/

Thank you! You seem like a cool cat! Perusing your blog :)

Welcome to steemit family..

Very much appreciated!


Nice girl

Much appreciated !